Have sex. Insert one's meat into another.
After a long night of drinking, the four of them will meat up in Alpine Meadows
by Meaty Meat January 14, 2009
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Meating up is the ceremonial ritual where a man gets his balls back from the wife (or lady friend) for the weekend. Especially, for a manly event like camping, shooting, drinking or just sniffing gunpowder with his boys.
Mark: Hey dude, you going camping this weekend?

BK: Ya man, I got a pass from the wife. We are gunna meat up at Fletch's about noon.

Mark: Fuck ya!
by pj60693 September 24, 2010
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Two or more guys go into a helicopter and jerk each other off
by WigglyWormzzz March 31, 2018
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When a Male has an erection.
Person A: Why is Joey holding his binder over his pants?
Person B: He has Up Meat
by Hoe_Ass_Bitch__ March 31, 2018
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Noun. Term for penis. Usually used to imply an imposing girth.
You let Todd put that lubed up meat piston in you? Shit!
by Hrontajkpa December 18, 2009
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A vagina with abnormally loose labia; displeasing to the eyes; unwanted.
I was going to sleep with Jessica, but ol' girl had some beat up meat curtains. (This is usually followed by a frown, or if you are typing, use :\ or ;( to show dissatisfaction with said vagina.)
by Zachariah Non Prolificus June 14, 2008
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Term used by gay men to define a sexual encounter where there will be mutual penetration.
I cannot wait to meat-up with you tonight.
by Fabmaxmm January 31, 2020
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