When you have a chance with somebody you didn't expect you did. Almost like in beer pong when you get balls back because you get another chance to score.
Jim: "Wow Jenny is so hot, I'd never have a chance with her"
*Two weeks later at a party*
Jenny: *flirts with jim*
Jim: *to his friends later that night* BALLS BACK BABY!!
by rmoney00 May 6, 2017
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Getting to shoot again after both you and your beer pong partner make your shots.
Dan and I just sunk both of our shots, balls back bitch!
by Robb Deep January 20, 2009
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The hard to rinse bubbles that remain on the back of a man's balls when he exits the shower.
Damn it. I've got ball back bubbles. Do I get back in the shower? Naw, towel will get em.
by Big CU July 24, 2005
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The Balls Back SMP is one of the best private minecraft servers to date!
mod nebneb7: im gonna hop on the balls back smp
♔ irms ♔: SLAY ill be on in a minute onto the best minecraft server im just eating!
by nebneb737 July 18, 2022
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An extended, often elaborate array of male-on-female foreplay that fails to end in copulation. The common opening move is for the man to offer the woman a back rub, followed by a series of maneuvers that may or may not include a leg massage, teasing of the upper ass around the pantyline, a slight grazing of the sideboob, and as a last resort some aggressively handsy spooning. Crippling, fetal-position blue balls often results, remedied only by vigorous, albeit lonely and pathetic masturbation.
"You get some from the old lady last night?"

"Nope. Nothing but a blue balls back rub."
by Bart County Scrivener January 27, 2015
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A statement that a person makes to one's self when they realize they have allowed fear and anxiety to prevent them from doing something important or achieving a goal.
I've avoided calling this beautiful girl I met in the coffee shop. I'm almost forty years old and I am not married, I've gotta get my balls back and call her. courage, bravado, guts, confidence, masculinity, manhood
by joecoolthefool January 18, 2015
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What is said to a guy who allows his pride to be taken from him chronically, often by a woman

Said to a wimp to encourage him to regain his dignity.
Man, you need to go get your balls back from her. You're being made to look like a fool!

Barak, go get your balls back from Michelle.
by LaughinJack July 11, 2011
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