Jacking off, only a little harder than usual, to the point of hurting.
"Wanna go over to my place an do a little meat beating?"
by Mark2791 December 02, 2008
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Stroking your penis back and fourth with your hand until it turns purple or is throbbing and shoots baby batter
Mom: What ate you doing in there honey?
Me: Nothing, just meat beating
by Pussy slayer 690690 May 18, 2017
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The beating of the meating in which your are depleting the nutting of the penis. Usually done in circles to avoid possibly being gay, because without your bros there with you jacking off how would you be able to prove you aren't gay and were indeed not watching gay pornography.
Jacob: Hey man, you attending the meating beating today after school?
Bob: Nah man, my yeetard of a father is making me give him a rimjob.
by YeetController October 07, 2018
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A slang word for masturbation. Very discreet to use in Bronxville, as nobody there knows what the fuck it means...
Peter: Bobby, your such a Jew
Bob: Why don'tcha go Meat, Beat & Skeet?
Paxton: WTF are you talking about?
by DoodooMan November 27, 2007
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8-12 o'clock Where all sad niggas beat their dick vigorously either while participating in sad nigga hours or not.

Originated from sad nigga hours but became its own thing later on
Mike: Hey I would like to do an activity tonight
Jimmy: How about you participate in meat beat hours where you beat your dick vigorously from 8-12 o'clock
by Kosorare December 28, 2017
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An endless gauntlet of meat beating. Nut after nut after nut. Consists of only one person. Any more parties involved turns this into a Nut Bust Bonanza.
1. After discovering internet porn, Ronnie decided it was time for a good 'ol Meat Beat Mania session.
2. "Damn, did you see how fine Catherine looked?" "Yeah, when I get home, I'm gonna play some Meat Beat Mania!"
by Riven Main 420 June 23, 2017
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A manifesto written by a man who's been in seclusion for so long he feels the need to keep a log tracking how many times he masturbates per day.
"The man had been living in a cabin deep in the Appalachian mtns for years by himself. After his passing local hikers were intrigued to find his secluded cabin.Inside they were surprised and excited to find his animal skins, man made tools , a hammock,and his meat beat manifesto."
by JSmith lu 43 April 06, 2017
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