A suburb of New York City. One square mile town. Very successful people live here, and most have a nice bank acount. Kids are sent to the public school which was ranked 3rd in the counry, until high school, where few go to boarding school. However, most stay in the school system, which is K-12. Many families belong to one of the towns clubs, Siwanoy of Field cLub, or both. Many also belong to a beach club somewhere. The town is small, yet most teenagers go into town with their friends, and then go back to someone's house, to go watch movies in their movie theater or go swimming in their pool. The children have a privileged life style. Very few people in the town are stuck up, yet all are stereotyped for living in this nice town. Everyone knows eachother in this suburb. Many kids walk to friends houses or town. But once they can drive, most kids get a car, yet only if they do well in school. Most graduates go to a very good school. The town is very fashionable and preppy, and the main sports played consist of lacrosse, soccer, football, track, and cross country. These people are really down to earth, and get insulted when they are stereotyped. Many "bronxvillians" do alot for charity. Alot of people in this town turn out to be successful and attractive people. Many people living in surrounding towns hat the people who live here.
Tessa: Hey wanna come over?
Jack: Sure...you live in Bronxville right?
Tessa: Yea...I was thinking of having people over to my house to watch a movie in my movie theatre...
Jack: Sick.....does Starbucks deliver?
by Ur Grandma October 27, 2007
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Bronxville is a Village in the town of Eastchester. Many areas in Tuckahoe, Eastchester, and Yonkers have a "Bronxville P.O." meaning that they use the Bronxville post office. The town consists of Wasps and Catholics that only go to church on holidays. For many years, the real estate agents would refuse sale of homes to minorities (blacks, jews, asians etc.) That is the cause of the predominantly white population. The school was ranked third in the county. The median home value is $1.7 million. It is a village of elitists. The students drive nicer cars than the teachers. The fathers either work extremely hard or are usually retired by 48 and the mothers tend to play tennis and shop. The most common cars in Bronxville are the Mercedes E500 wagon, Land Rover Range Rover, Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon Denali XL, BMW X5, BMW 750iL, and Lexus LX470/Toyota Land Cruiser. There is also a Volvo for the babysitter. The citizens of the village can be stuck up, but most are down to earth. The children are a product of their environment and turn out to be worse than their parents. The problem is that the parents are always out at charity functions or social galas, that the children have no boundaries and run wild. The village itself is unbeatable. It is not a single strip of stores like Pelham or Rye, but is a well constructed village. The main difference between Bronxville and Scarsdale is the size and the number of Jews. In Bronxville you can count the number of Jewish families on one hand, Scarsdale is the complete opposite. Bronxille is a great place to live.
The village of Bronxville is home to the wealthy.
by Dick Robetson July 3, 2007
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Bronxville is a small, wealthy town, in lower Westchester county. Many say that all the kids are rich and snooty. They really arent. They are privledged and appreciate everything that they have. Everything that people say on this site are stereotypes. Many kids cant afford fancy cars, or nice clothes, but they live here becuase their parents want them to have a good chance at getting into a good college. Many older couples retire here because of its size, and senior-friendly town.
Person 1: look that kid is from Bronxville! I bet she is snooty and rich!
by azthrykskdnfmajsd;flkj May 1, 2012
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A rich, ritzy, suburban alternative to the Upper East Side, in that it's the same snobs living in both areas. Ironically Bronxville has "Bronx" in its name, but that is because the Bronx RIVER is the western boundary of the Village of Bronxville. Bronxville is like Scarsdale, but more expensive because it is closer to the city.
The Bronx River runs through the middle of the Bronx and passes through the Bronx Zoo.
by YO Man July 11, 2004
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Bronxville is a beautiful one square mile town in the rich Westchester County, only 20 minutes from New York City. This town might be small in size, but makes up for its size in money. Bronxville is full of millionaires with houses selling for as little as 1.5 million to 10.6 million. The majority of the town is white WASPs or Catholic. The population of blacks/asians/jews are non-existent. The school is smaller then most private schools, with less then 100 kids per grade. The school is K-12 one building. Every goes to the school for 13 years, and if not you don't fit in. The high school is the third best school in the country. Everyone knows everything about everyone else, the littlest gossip is spread within 10 minutes. All but few of the children are spoiled beyond repare. They get whatever they want. When a child turns 16 its customary to receive a car, and of course it cannot be used. Usually an Lexis, Mercedes or BMW. Although there's no required uniform girls are expected to be wearing: Seven for All Mankind Jeans, Uggs, Polo, Juicy, Kate Spade, Burberry with many others. The boys wear: Polo, J Crew, Lacoste, and others. Preppy is the way to dress or else you are part of the only punk group. All the students go on to college, majority to Ivy's or new Ivy's. Everyone is beautiful, and if you are not beautiful you are at least attractive. Gossip is the main source of information. The mother run around in Juicy jumpsuits with their children at home with the live-in nanny while their husbands are earning millions in New York City wither banking/being a doctor/inheriting the family fortune. The town is stick thin causing eating disorders among the young, but works out for the best because no one in the town is fat. The school athletics is best known for their cross country/track winning over 6 state titles for cross country and numerous nationals for track. The residents of the town either vacation in one of their multiple homes in the Cape, the Hampton's, Bar Harbor, Vermont (weekend skiing), Aspen, Florida, Italy, France, and many others. Going to Europe for the weekend isn't unheard of, done mostly on a monthly basis. When not world traveling, the residents enjoy the two Country Clubs (The Field Club and Siwanoy). The membership fees per year cost more then many Americans make in one year. Bronxville also has two colleges (Concordia and Sarah Lawrence) but the students of the High School and the College Students have the second worst town-to-college relationship in the United States. The town is full of expensive stores with brand names and the only chain stores are Haagen Dazs and Starbucks. The town is so small that by 6th grade students are allowed to leave campus for lunch. Bronxville is a wonderful town to grow up in giving a wonderful education and great opportunity's.
Person 1: Hey, you said you were from the Bronx right? Do you know my cousin Laquisha?
Person 2: No, I'm from Bronxville, maybe you know Blair, Buffy, Brad, Skip, Muffy, Madison, Chip, Davis, or Brooke?
Person 1: Say what?
Person 2: Please dont use that language around me, I'm from Bronxville all I know is designers! Please get me to a store so I can spend Daddy's money!!

The smallest/preppiest/richest town in the world
by Prepster from BXV December 4, 2007
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The best town in Westchester by far. The kids who live there never have to leave because they have everything they could ever want in their town. Unlike kids from surrounding towns who diss Bronxville on Urban Dictionary because their town is poor and full of Doushe bag queers or illegal immigrants. Those same kids from surrounding towns who diss Bronxville however, always come to Bronxville on the weekends because there is nothing to do in their town and Bronxville is awesome.
Person 1: Hey, isn't Bronxville wicked gay dude!
Person 2: Totally dude! But do you want to go there now to make fun of how gay it is?
Person 1: Totally!
by freebyme May 15, 2011
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Bronxville: a town full of snotty rich people who have their noses up to the sky every chance they get. They usually hang out at a local country club in Bronxville Manor (in Eastchester). They usually carry a buch of bags from designer stores and Juicy Couture purses. Daddy's money buys them happiness and although the town looks nice and the houses are huge, the people who live in this area are airheads and have egos bigger than their Hamptons summer house. I've met and hung out with some of these people and became stupider by the minute. They believe that Tuckahoe is the "ghetto" and that they are better than all of the towns surrounding them. I have a tip for you honeys, you're not all that great.
1)- Oh look at that Bronxville girl walking down Palmer Ave.
- I know why is her neck perched so high?
2) Typical Bronxville girl saying "Daddy, I want MORE!!"
3) Typical Bronxville boy saying "Lets buy a sports team for christmas daddy"
by regular person August 6, 2007
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