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It means just do it, to say yes to something, don't think about it, have confidence and just Send It!
Jon: Wanna go out tonight?

Cole: Send it!

Nicky: Okay, down your beer!

Cole: Send It!
by est. 1991 October 24, 2011
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Meaning to do something awesome with complete and total confidence. Originates from the rock climbing/extreme sports community. From the term 1st ascend, as to climb a route with no falls on the first try, bastardized into ascend, which was then bastardized into send it.
Broski#1 Bro I can’t wait to hop on the wakeboard and hit this gnarly backflip
Broski #2 SEND IT!!!!

Fratbroski#1 Dude I’m gonna send it real quick and shotgun this beer.
by Send it-er June 09, 2018
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any action or activity you can do wholeheartedly with confidence and a absolute passion
one last rep at the gym - come on send it

your friend pooring you a drink - send it !
dancing with style - sending it

first personel -hey bro you coming out tonight

second personel- yeah brother where going to send it hard !

gazz diaz the sendster
by gazz diaz June 13, 2013
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Rock climbing: Used to encourage a fellow climber to finish a route or problem. Similar to and interchangeable with "allez!" (French), or "dale" (Spanish)
by Ash April 26, 2005
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