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The dumbest bitch you will ever meet. Prefers fuckboys over any other kind of guy because her shallow mind doesn't allow her to see past guys' looks. She'll flirt with any guy as long as other girls agree that he's "hot" even if he publicly humiliates her. Yet, she's comfortable with turning down and making fun of a genuinely nice boy. Just another popular girl who expects life to hand her things when she'll be a dried bag of seagull shit working at Taco Bell by age 32.
Nice guy: Hey, I think you're really pretty and want to know if you want to go out some time?
Paxton: Haha nah you're a loser who doesn't conform to society's image of an attractive guy. *sends nudes to fuckboy*
by Sodabomb July 31, 2017
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An unique name for an unique person. Means 'Peaceful Town'. Paxtons are good-hearted and fun-loving. They are trustworthy, dependable friends with sensitive souls. Will go out of their way to avoid hurting someone's feelings. Usually very bright, but not show-offs. Might not be the most popular ones in the crowd, but are reliable and loyal lifelong friends to a lucky few.
"You can always count on Paxton to be there for you."
by bestbuddy411 February 02, 2010
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Paxton is a man know for a legendary huge dick, also Paxton's are amazing kissers and all girl want Paxton's Dick.

Basically the freshest nigga God made

Boy: Paxton stole my girlfriend

Friend: Well Paxton has a huge dick, so she'll be good
Girl: Paxton's dick is so big!!
by Jdhdjdbdj November 25, 2013
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to paxton- v. to ram another vehicle off the road; to invade another's lane on the highway with intent to kill.
Did you see that! He just got paxtoned!
by Huberton March 22, 2007
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A word, when uttered aloud, will decimate any pre-planned social event.
Billy: Hey, Timmy! Do you want to hang out today!?
Timmy: Sorry, Billy, but I'm going to Paxton this weekend.

Billy: *Hopes and dreams ruined*
by Spaghetti016 September 12, 2009
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The craziest bitch you will ever meet! She’s more interested in talking then anything else (mostly boys). There’s nothing like this type of girl she’s flawless, outgoing, nice, funny, and way more attractive then you think. She can be a really mean bitch if you get on her bad side but the only way you could do that is by doing something to her friends or her family. Paxton's personality is a 10/10 day and night. She’s always running or jumping or talking to someone. Paxton’s a very beautifuland outgoing. Not to mention she has a body.
Best friend: “Hey Paxton wanna go out to eat?”

Paxton:”is that even a question. And maybe we can find some hot guys while we’re at it.”
by Jennifer72 December 27, 2017
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A larger, generally obese woman whos only intention is to climb her own social ladder. Paxton will do or say anything to hurt you. A very very easy girl to sleep with all she needs is a few vodkas. Just a big white slut bag
Person " what happened to your friend paxton?

paxton" when i get bored of my friends i sleep with their boyfriend"
by andromeada November 19, 2013
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