To "Meany" is to type, spell or construct a sentence in such a way that the reader questions your grasp on the english language
"Oh man, I wrote so badly in that exam, I'm not sure if the teacher will be able to read it"

"How bad?"

"... Meany"

"... Oh shit"
by Superman dun da duuuun April 23, 2008
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someone who will pick on someone smaller than them. Or someone just because they are different.

hint hint u assholes that pick on dan heljenek
Those people are meanies because, they made fun of so-and-so for being dumb.
by stephanie heljenek March 30, 2005
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It's a way to someone in a friendly way that what was done was a little mean. You find this word these days between friends who don't want to hurt other people feelings.
"You are such a meanie! "
"That was meanie!"
by faith angels July 15, 2015
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a dead very FIT fish. ;)
'ur mom!'......'MEANY!!!!!!'
by meany May 17, 2004
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BEST BAND EVER!!! (apart from Frenzal Rhomb and the Hard-Ons) They rock the worlds socks!
I love The Meanies and you love the meanies and we love the meanies
by ant January 12, 2005
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