1. a person who is unnecessarily mean.

2. a person who is mean to most people the majority of the time.
Mr Hemmingway the meanie master:- "your exam results were disapointing but expected"
by Lotty March 15, 2005
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Someone who is always mean, even at a special event and will make a hurtful comment to a person in present.
It was Tara's wedding but Simon called her a fat loser. He is a big meanie.
by Rick no Ruff April 04, 2009
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To say bad things to persons of opposite sex when things aren't going well in the relationship
Catherine was such a meanie when her lover dissed her via e-mail....
by bucko January 05, 2005
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Someone who thinks more things mean other things than they actually do
My new co-worker is a real meany - hell, she thinks everything means everything.
by Frets & Such August 28, 2017
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