A place where you run a 50% chance of getting your bike stolen, a 65% chance of getting your computer jacked, and 100% chance of compromising on all your conservative values. Still, you will reflect on your time there with the same nostalgia once sung by Bryan Adams- "Those were the best years of my life."
You: I was gone for 10 minutes, came back to my table in the library, and my computer was gone.

Officer: What did you expect? This is UC Berkeley.
by Pawn takes queen December 16, 2011
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The flagship of the University of California that is located in Berkeley, California. UC Berkeley is considered the best public university in the country, one of the top learning institutions in the world, and a hotbed of activism and liberalism in the country. Also, the student body is often noticed for its diversity.

UC Berkeley's main rival is Stanford.
There was a political manifestation at UC Berkeley.

UC Berkeley was again named the best public university in North America
by CR RC September 3, 2006
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Best thing that will happen in your life. Nuff said. If you went to Cal, you know what I mean. If you go to Cal right now, you're the luckiest crowd living the best lives. If you are going to go to Cal, be prepared for the best years of your life. We got brains, got heart, got spirit, and $tanfurd got nothing on us. Go Bears.
Person 1: I need a synonym for "heaven," or "best place on earth."
Person 2: UC Berkeley
by tyrekesage May 26, 2010
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The best freaking university in the world. Ivy League education for state school price!
I go to UC Berkeley, therefore, I KICK ASS!

I did not get into UC Berkeley, therefore, I am a loser.
by veryunstoppable July 27, 2009
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aka cal, located right off the sf bay. A pretty nice school, some call us liberals, some call us hippies, but also decent in the ways of engineering and chem, among a few other things, and definitely not ones to brag about it. Sure, i guess were a pretty nice college, but other than that, were just some few mellow folks who'd be down to smoke a joint or chill under the trees on memorial glade
UC Berkeley, yeah....
by joe332345 June 5, 2011
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Berkeley's Chinatown disguised as a University that used to have a racially diverse student body that protested against social issues back in the 70's. Now its just Chinese kids trying to get medical degrees and Indians trying to get engineering degrees. This is especially obvious the minute you walk out of UC Berkeley and notice that sudden abnormal re-occurrence of Black and White people, and some Asian Americans here and there.
Haven for Asian Foreigners.
They tried to make it more diverse by being 'officially racist' and just give Asians higher test goals. (see: Affirmative Action) Funny thing is, it didn't even work.

Still an awesome school to go to however, just don't expect to be able to speak their official language, 'Mandarin.'
Out-of-State student: "Woah, there's a lot of Asians at UC Berkeley, jeez, look at this campus. So this is what California's racial demographics are like"
Berkeley Resident Student: "Ha....Let's take a walk."
Out-of-State student: "Where?"
Berkeley Resident student: "How about, a couple steps out the gate."
Out-of-state student: ".......Holy shit! Where'd all the Asians go?"
Berkeley Resident student: "They didn't go anywhere. Most of them just aren't from Berkeley."
Out-of-state student: "The fuck, is that a Black person?"
Berkeley Resident student: "Oh yeah, they're like the largest secondary minority here. They just don't live in UC Chinatown. Gotta get out more, man."
by Galactic123 August 26, 2013
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