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To act with lethal irresponsibility towards one's children
leaving three children alone (7yrs and 3 years each) in a holiday flat in portugual whilst you swan off to sample a meal - just from the point of view of the well known problems that these holiday flats have with gas / fire safety standards and the number of gassings that have happened this way - let alone the fact one of the children was taken you'd have to be doing a McCann right?
by mamboo September 21, 2007
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To make money and become a celebrity on the back of a tragedy. Using the newspapers for a purpose and then claiming to be hounded. To expose ones children/pet to dangers and then state that you are a good parent/owner. To blame everyone else for your errors for the purpose of 'damage limitation'.
Yeah they got cash coming in from everywhere and they still want more - they are pulling a 'McCann'

Jade Goody was crying on tv faking her sadness, she was trying to pull a 'McCann'
by vix_derby March 16, 2008
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“To mccann” - is a new verb
” I mccanned my glasses” - means that I broke my expensive glasses by mistake, hid them and told everyone that my glasses were stolen from me, and now I suffer because I can’t see.
teacher:kitty!where's your homework?
kitty:i'd got pissed and mccann it!
by madmen March 18, 2008
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Doing something completely selfish which puts your children in danger.
Come on, hun, lets do a McCann and go to the pub. We'll lock the door, the kids will be fine.
by FatDrunkStupid November 23, 2011
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Doing a mccann ( to do a runner from a foreign country whilst leaving an abducted child to their fate and claiming innocence whilst refusing to co-operate with the police)
The father claimed his sleeping child was abducted by a gang wielding guns and grenades as he was about to get into a taxi to fly home to the UK . The gang beat and tortured the family and then demanded £100,000 ransom. the father then left pakistan claiming innocence and cannot now be found. He did a McCann - legging it before the cops paid him a visit with shiny bracelets
by h0bn0b March 10, 2010
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The act of ditching or leaving someone behind
Shit jade, Why did you leave me in the villa?

Because you are a cum dumpster jack, i had to mccann you.
by moonbizzle August 27, 2009
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McCanns is a collection point for the horribly unwanted. Students are abnormally depressed, and considered emo by most standards. Girls are likely to either be Bi or lesbian. Males are usually pussies. the hallways have exposed piping, and the lights are extremely dim. Their football team is severly disabled. if you plan on having your child go to this facility, be warned that they will grow up to be failures. And a kid there that is named Jon-luc is a total douche. you should avoid him.oi oi oi
"(sound of students crying)"
"emo breeding ground...McCanns is..."
"lets beat all their asses"
"jon-luc is so sexy"
by Mr. Nathan July 15, 2008
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