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Is highly intelligent. Often to hard on himself. He is funny. Atristic. Maximo is a great lover. His life has a soundtrack and everyone in his life has a song. He makes people smile. He can be hard to deal with at times.
I'd marry him. He must be a Maximo
by Mommarc February 03, 2010
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Someone who falls in love too quickly, but is loyal to that person. They have a hard time saying goodbye and aren't too good with breakups. They take their time moving on and while they are hooked to a person they see no one better.
Maximo is still not over her.
by Maheemo June 13, 2018
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A guy who appears to want pussy all hours of the day

but in secrecy hearts the men


a guy who woke up ripplingly buff randomly and was noted on by all who saw
random girl: oooooh he looks buff might try with him

leon and nick: no way girlfriend! his manly exterior may entice you, but he wants cock

maximo: you've got me there
by Big Buff n Max July 03, 2008
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