Maxime is a great person with a big heart and and even bigger dick. He loves handjobs and eating
U should be more like Maxime
by xime_rollin October 08, 2019
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Maxime is this really sweet and caring guy that can't stop being so damn cute. Like literally every time you take a slight look at his face you notice a cute thing. But Maxime also hurts you sometimes without realizing he does; in these times, you hate him. But when he's nice again, you understand that he cares about you a lot, and he never meant to hurt you. Never lose the trust he has for you, and know that you probably won't find a guy like him again.
I cried because of Maxime, but he doesn't even know it.
by jaidesv March 19, 2020
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-"hé, maxime ?"
-"T'est un gros pd"
via giphy
by ASEFTHUKOM August 20, 2020
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Maxime which means maximum. Go back to your first name if ever you didn't searched it first as we all know, you don't pretty much like it. Well, maxime is a great person. She is the person you could ever ask for. She may not open up to you, but be persistent. Be her "constant". She have trust issues. She got walls higher than the great wall of china. Words are not enough to define nor describe how great she is. To you Irene, you're the most beautiful person I've ever had. And when I say beautiful, not just your appearance. The idea of having you and ofcourse you are beautiful. You're so beautiful, enough to blind me to only see the light. With you I have no darkness. I hope I can give you the same light you've been giving me. You've been my Moon. Love you, girl!
Maxime, live out your name. I hope you find solace in you. With or without me. I wish I could live forever beside you. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me. Go my Doctora. Go, Moma!
by Pribi June 08, 2021
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The greatest person you'll ever fucking see and that's not because that's my name OK??
Random girl 1: Omg Maxime's is so freaking cool!
by bonnejournee October 29, 2019
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The greatest guy you'll ever see in your life and that'S not because it's my name OK?
Random Girl 1: Omg Maxime is so cool!
Random Girl 2: I KNOW RIGHT AND HE'S SO HOOOOT!!!!!!
by bonnejournee October 29, 2019
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