Guy 1: "Are you modest"

A karen: "yes"

Guy 1: "You're a Karen no you aren't"
by MinecraftPro69 June 23, 2020
unassuming in the estimation of one's abilities or abilities.
A.K.A Holly
Holly is a very modest girl and everyone knows it.
by HelloMother August 22, 2014
To lie about being worse at something than you actually are.
John: Hey Phil, did you just do the 100 meter sprint in 10 seconds?
Bill: Yeah, but I'm not very good at sprinting.

The opposite of modest is arrogance. This is being truthful about how good you are.
by lanhj001 June 19, 2008
Not narcissistic or full of yourself. Humble.

Of clothing: not revealing. Covered up.
- "Me? A great artist? No, I can't accept that title."
- "But you are! You don't have to be so modest."

- "I'm looking for a more modest dress."
- "What's modest?"
- "You know- long skirt, high neckline, long sleeves. Nothing that shows off my breasts or my thighs."
- "I've never seen anything like that."
- "Forget it!"
by Lorelili April 7, 2005
to cover up parts of your body that are obviously meant to be covered. and to not overwhelm your face in a paste of makeup. it is true beauty, and a quality that a lot of girls need to discover. pronto!
"Modest ARE the hottest."
by youknowimright. December 12, 2009