When something is shitty, less than ideal, or not functioning properly
"That piano is real nice"

"Kids are dumb"
"You are real nice"

Q: "How about this weather?" *looks up at gray sky*
A: "Real nice."
by jphab March 12, 2014
A really hot sexy giel who has a kickin' body, hot face, nice ass, and lots of cleavage.

Someone tht when u see her ur member stands at attenion.
Tara Strogov is a real nice shortay
by Matt Fen April 26, 2004
Said sarcastically after a situation you don't like but feel the need to say something to alleviate frustration.
Without the sarcasm it can also be used to show approval or as a compliment.
Mike: Dude, your girlfriend totally ditched us at the bar.
Me: Nice. Real Fuckin Nice.
Stripper: hey cutie, I want to give you a lap dance and rock your world!
Me: Nice. Real Fuckin Nice.

Jealous Mike: What? Where's my lap dance?? Nice. Real Fuckin Nice.
by drdouglasp July 6, 2005
What the fish from spongebob says when he opens the toilet to find spongebob in there
Fish Guy: *opens toilet to find spongebob*
Fish Guy: Oh, that's real nice.....
by banditboogaloo July 26, 2022