In a mathematic way, a synonym of hypothetically
Person 1: Mathematically, if I steal-
Person 2: Don't steal. This is bad.
by EvL_Mcfly March 3, 2022
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Of or pertaining to the nature of mathematics.

This can also be used as a figure of speech to describe something that would be considered good or exciting.
To understand many branches of science, one must be well versed in mathematical knowledge.

Dog: Hey, lets go do something fun!

Boy: Mathematical!
by Strange Comma July 2, 2010
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An addictive subject, where succeeding at solving one of its problems, increases your desire to solve more and more.


It is also a depressant, where failing at solving one of its problems, gets you depressed and lowers your brain activity causing you to feel dumb.

So take care people...
Michael: Hey man, what are you doing?
George: Solving some math problems.
Michael: You need to cut off on mathematics man or we'll have send you to rehabilitation.
by TheUchihaHawk March 15, 2015
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An expression that represents extreme happiness or awe.
1. Huckleberry- "Look I can see some young gals about our age skinny dippin' in the river!"

Finn- "Mathematical!"

2. Student- "What is the total of five nickels?"

Teacher- "... Twenty-five cents."

Student- "Mathematical!"
by raindropkisses October 29, 2010
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The unified theorems and theories used in the analysis of order, sequence, pattern, form, space, figures, and numbers.

Algebra studies the existence and uniqueness of solution sets in equations and inequalities. Calculus, and its subset Differential Equations, further explores the properties of Algebra through use of derivatives, antiderivatives (integrals), and partial derivatives/antiderivatives.
Game Theory involves the study of outcomes in scenarios, prediction, and optimization strategies in practical applications. There's many more branches, such as signal theory and other shit, but, quite simply, nobody, yes, mathematicians, NOBODY gives a flying fuck.

Mathematics, akin to chemistry and physics, is not about making friends. You need it a hell of a lot more than it needs you.

Contrary to scholastic doctrine, the majority of Mathematics must be purposely rigged in order to actually achieve a solution. Even more padding and precautionary measures must be added in order to make the solution somewhat understandable or practical.

Mathematics varies from the concrete applicational types, such as calculus and algebra, to the overly-abstract fields, such as linear theory. It's a necessary in anything scientific, and is useful in sweeping the academic debris away from fields in which they could do serious harm, safely into liberal arts studies. While we should all be thankful for that aspect, many people, author included, still despise Mathematics for being overly complicated due to lackidaisical teaching and god-awful textbook writers.
Jeepers, I love Mathematics.
by 8====D August 12, 2004
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1. A truly amasing subject enjoyed only by the people who understand it.

2. Science would not exist without mathematics.

3. "Mathematics is not magic... just logic" - my maths teacher ><

4. Some ignorant people believe that maths is a male subject (Pffft) =)
Doing a mathematics question:
Gather the important information; figure out what you are required to find; apply the formulae most apropriate to the question; calculate.

The feeling of getting the correct answer (expecially if you have toiled a great deal over it) is unbeatable.

It's orgasmic ;)
by Yuukiiscool April 1, 2009
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1) A mind-altering form of logic and proof, practiced and developed largely by nerds and geeks, having its origins in prehistory. That study of logic in which simple ideas such as number, line, point or symmetry are used and combined to describe the properties of number, point, line, plane and symmetry.

Subjects within a modern mathematics degree might include selected topics from;

Number Theory: the analysis of why not all numbers are like the number 1.

Calculus: Differential calculus is the study of how to find the slope of a single point while integral calculus is the study of how to add up infinite quantities of numbers and obtain a single finite number as a result.

Topology: The study of how coffee cups are actually quite similar to doughnuts.

Mathematics as a form of mental kung fu is used extensively in all the sciences and in business and trade, it is at the heart of all technical progress. The average person uses mathematics, for example, to locate bargains in shopping malls by simply looking at a few numerals on a price tag.
Hey Cuthberton, did I tell you that I used some kickass zen master mathematics to calculate which mathgirl I would ask out to the science fair?
by Costa Del Barto June 25, 2006
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