A nickname for former Bulls and Laker's coach Phil Jackson, because of his use of Buddist philosophy in basketball.
How did Phil keep all of those punk baby beeyitches together for so long? Because he's the Zen Master.
by pingdingy August 27, 2004
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one who is selfless and loving
often willing to help and go out of their way
Kaitlin is a total zen master! She helped me carry those boxes around all day, and i didnt even ask her to help..
by Aerin July 31, 2003
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One who gives wise advice, based on the skills of greggle. One who has more integrity, honesty and willpower than you. One who will ask for your boobs at any chance.
Holy crap, did you see what the zen master had to say this time?
by Phun Guy September 6, 2003
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The opposite of Phulishguy.
by zentopia September 7, 2003
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