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The movement of lifting your eyebrows up and down simultaneously, and quite rapidly. It is usually a gesture of sexuality. One might waggle their eyebrows after hitting on someone.
Emily: "He has a nice butt!"

Grace: "Especially a naked butt."

Both: *Eyebrow waggles of agreement.*
by raindropkisses July 30, 2010

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An expression that represents extreme happiness or awe.
1. Huckleberry- "Look I can see some young gals about our age skinny dippin' in the river!"

Finn- "Mathematical!"

2. Student- "What is the total of five nickels?"

Teacher- "... Twenty-five cents."

Student- "Mathematical!"
by raindropkisses October 29, 2010

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An expression used when something surprising or upsetting occurs.
Ex. 1:
16-year-old girl - "Mom, I'm Pregnant."
Mother- "SLAM-A-COW!"

Ex. 2:
*Baker drops wedding cake on the ground*

Ex. 3:

Girl - "I don't want to have sex until I'm married."
Boy - "Slam-a-cow!"
by raindropkisses October 02, 2010

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