The act of masturbating as a substitute for medication. It's the combination of masturbate with medicate. Masturcate.
Rather than taking Aspirin, Joe masturcated to relief his headache.
by Manok October 18, 2003
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the process of jerking off into a woman's vagina while halfway in; the act of masturbating while fornicating;
I masturcated that girl so hard last night..it was awesome.
by DMoney March 03, 2004
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Masturbating while eating a meal. A combination of masturbating and chewing your food (masticating) at the same time.
I really wanted to pull my pud this morning before going to work but I'm short on time. Do I skip breakfast or skip masturbating? Maybe I'll just masturcate?
by Rixadork May 20, 2015
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