A popular term for Acetylsalicylic Acid. In Canada and Germany, among other countries, Aspirin is a patented trademark of the local Bayer subsidiaries. Therefore, any non-Bayer products are labelled as ASA (Canadian English), AAS (Canadian French), and ASS (German). I am not making the last one up!
Take two aspirin and call me in the morning!
by DFJD May 9, 2006
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Code word that means ASS, HOES (whores) use when they are talking to their man (husband) or anyone else they want to fool, telling the truth in code
Hey baby, I'm going over to asley's house..her and tom got into it and he needs some aspirin.

Hey my mom wants her hair braided and wants me to bring her some aspirin.

Damn look at that hpoa, i need some aspirin from him.
by Raybudd August 11, 2010
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A bullet to the brain or blow to the head. Usually to someone who's annoying. Lead medicine.

Not necessarily to kill someone but essentially doing something to either shut them up or get them to leave.
"Hey Lou, whatever happened to that loud mouth you kept out back?"
"Gave him an aspirin."
by Nova0 June 11, 2009
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aspirin - 'a-spire-in' to aspire to be something. A wannabe. Like Andy is a wannabe RA RA lawyer. (when in fact face facts...your not)Or how Guy is a wannnabe jock...
When a wannabe hangs himself with his won rope... click your fingers and say aspirin
by Jamie January 7, 2005
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describes a person with a really flat ass... as in an ass that looks like an aspirin, which is flat with a line down the center.
you can't find dave's aspirin ass even in skinny jeans
by nikki & lexy April 20, 2008
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1 part Captain Morgan, 1 part orange juice. Also known as a "rum screwdriver" or a "hammer."
"Oi! Bartender! Fetch me a Children's Aspirin!"
by James Rodesiler September 12, 2007
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A pseudonym given to a certain dark, sugary soft drink that shall remain nameless. Believed to have an re-energising effect on those suffering symptoms of the night before.
Whoa man, i had a bender last night. My head is throbbing, can you duck down to the shops and fetch me a bottle of Black Aspirin? I'll pay you back - i swear!
by Benebrius April 10, 2010
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