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A lame justification to get hammered. A holiday that has its origin in Christianity, but has since been defiled by scum who think they can drink and fuck all they want.
by DMoney March 1, 2004
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Is What Crack Looks Like After It Is Cooked.

Alot Of Crack
"You Out There Selling Them Nickles And Dimes, Bitch I'm Out There Selling Them Cookies"
by DMoney December 5, 2003
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One who is beginning to feel the effects of intoxication.
I am already feelin a bit pissy and I've only had 3 bottles of O.P.
by DMoney June 6, 2003
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The opposite of nothing. Numerous amounts of one.
"Hey Big Ears, did you pick up any hot chicks on the weekend?".

by DMoney June 6, 2003
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Refers To A Housing Project In New Orleans, Called The Magnolia Housing Projects.
"I've Been Chillin In The Nolia Brah"
by DMoney December 5, 2003
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the process of jerking off into a woman's vagina while halfway in; the act of masturbating while fornicating;
I masturcated that girl so hard last night..it was awesome.
by DMoney March 3, 2004
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