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1. A member of an ideological camp that defines socialism as a form of totalitarian secular feudalism; an advocate for the management of non-Leftist people as farm animals
"When the Leftist tried to convince me that North Korea had the only true and just form of socialism on earth, I gave up on trying to talk rationally with him and just walked away."
by DrCruel December 28, 2005
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1. A pejorative term originally coined by Leftists to refer to President George W. Bush. The term is crafted to insinuate that Bush administration policies are similar to those of Nazi Germany. (Sometimes prefaced with the term "chimp", ie "Chimp Bushitler").

2. A term used by Bush policy supporters to depict anti-Bush activists as members of the "nutroots".
Incompetent Bushitler Lets Nonexistent Iraqi WMD Get Looted

(Title taken verbatim from a web blog page)
by DrCruel September 01, 2006
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A term meant referring to an advocate of Marxist totalitarianism. Countries with prominent Left-fascist governments (as of 2010) include Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. Left fascist regimes are typified by secret police, a dictatorial government, ostentacious support for Marxist ideology, and a kinship with other Marxist governments. For a more detailed description of the term, see "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg. In regards the former post-war East Germany, see also the term "Fourth Reich".

Leftist-fascists consider the term as an insult, and do not accept the term. But Leftist-fascists also support totalitarian regimes in the name of social justice (see "doublethink", George Orwell). Most everyone else, and especially victims of Left fascist regimes (such as the people of Eastern Europe) find the term quite accurate.
Calling a Stalinist regime a "progressive state" simply because it is ruled by Marxists and is allied with other Marxist dictatorships is not accurate. A government that murders dissidents, executes people who try to leave the country, has no democratic elections and treats its citizens like chattel is more approrpiately called a "Left fascist" regime, and is ruled and supported by Leftist-fascists.
by DrCruel September 29, 2010
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A term made famous by world-renowned game designer and critic, Benjamin Croshaw.

Roughly translated, it refers to a lesbian sex orgy.
"We may need you to play twing-twang..."
by DrCruel January 27, 2008
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1. term of endearment for an old Greek grandmother

2. used by feminists as a reference to a woman in her prime

2a. meaning, in this context, an old stupid whiny bitch with delusions of sexiness to anyone who is not a feminist
See "Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood", ad nauseum
by DrCruel May 16, 2009
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A play on the term "grassroots"; referring to activists, usually Leftists, whose protests are assumed to represent mainstream public opinion but that in fact represent those of lunatics. (See Frank Chu).

The term differs from "econuts" in that the letter is presumed to concentrate on environmental activism, whereas the "nutroots" are more broad-based in their ideological interests. There is some crossover however - econuts are normally assumed to be a subset of the nutroots.

In the UK the term is usually translated as the "loony Left".
That the WTC was destroyed by controlled demolitions planted by Bush administration employees and/or agents of the Mossad is an example of a belief common at the nutroots level.
by DrCruel September 01, 2006
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An acronym spelled "RoP", British slang alternately referring to "religion of peace" or "Republic of Pakistan"; a sarcastic reference to violently anti-British, religiously fanatical Muslim asylum seekers resident in the UK.
"Just as soon walk to work today, lest the RoP go after public transport again, and Red Ken has made it too expensive to drive in London."
by DrCruel April 26, 2006
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