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The pleasure of complaining about being persecuted, when practiced by people who aren't actually being persecuted.
In an orgy of martyrbation, the fundamentalists complained that they were being persecuted for not being allowed to use tax dollars to promote their brand of religion.
by rewinn December 16, 2011
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When C-4 is your Viagra. And your premature ejaculation ensures the only one killed is yourself.
You see, when a good red blooded American nut job will go on a rampage, killing innocent people, and then blow his own brains out, or go down in a shootout with the SWAT team, he's generally pissed off...and he s not saying "God is great" before he kills those people....not like those MARTYRBATION puppets that think theyre doing god's will every time one pops.
by Wørd Üpp March 09, 2013
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