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A person who is funny, likable, and just plain nice. Usually sweet and is a jock that is not a jerk.
hey, you know that one kid? he's such a mardo!

That Mardo kid is amazing!
by Darkie 411 March 18, 2009
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a type of insect that bites the heads off praying manti when it feels a territorial threat.
did you see that mardo attack your grandmother?
by kalzomard April 15, 2004
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The accumulated scum from scraping down one's balls with a credit card after a week-long Mardi Gras trip.
Ew. What's this mardo doing on my computer?
Dude, that cheese smells like mardo.
by Mr. James Duffy July 17, 2013
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Mardo (Antechinus flavipes or any species of Antechinus). A marsupial rat from Australia that gained international notoriety in UK tabloids as "The animal that shags itself to death" and "The marsupial that goes out with a bang". The male dies at one year of age after a non-stop frenzied mating marathon lasting up to 14 hours, depleting all bodily resources, losing its fur, and finally expiring. In captivity, zoo handlers have to physically wrench the protesting male from the female to prevent its otherwise inevitable self-induced demise. Females live for up to three years, store sperm from multiple males, producing single broods of mixed parentage.

No derivative words for Mardo have been found in popular culture, although the suicidally sex-crazed little animal presents numerous philological possibilities...
Mardo (noun):
Alice: Have you heard the news? Jerry is going with that bombshell Samantha. He's cunt-struck, spent the entire weekend at hers, finally came up for air looking totally wasted.
Becky: The little Mardo. Lemme talk some sense into him. Hey Jerry. That ballbreaker's gonna eat you alive. *giggles* Quit now while you're ahead, and save yourself, tee-hee.

to Mardo (verb):
Frank: Hey, guys did you hear? Jerry did a Mardo on that man-eater Samantha and lived to tell the tale.
Bill: Fuckin' legend, that Jerry. I'd Mardo that hottie anytime.
by Zoschenko March 02, 2018
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