A person having the qualities of always having good intentions, always generous and willing to help, great sympathy and overall well mannered demeanor.
"He's always the one buying his friends drinks, Justin's such a saint."

"She has the heart of a saint, always puts others needs before her own."
by Lycanthrophy December 15, 2019
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A cute puppy who is very playful,he loves other animals and he is the happiest taking a bath.
Saint: Woof
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one who is almighty and well known
has unlimited contorl and power over others
one who thinks very highly of themselves
Dave-"How do yu know everyone, you're like a saint!"

Steve-"Yeah, im the stuff! "Everybody know me."
by St. Dfk James May 30, 2009
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seynt ~ noun


Refers to a Town of Salem player with an over-inflated sense of self-worth with an A-list Ego and a D-List intelligence.

The common "Saint“ only ever comes to full bloom when they’re in their herd and during spamming.

A Saint will often blame you, the jailor, God, the universe - everyone but themselves - for the loss and engage in toxic but weak insults and uphold a butthurt behavior for weeks to come.

In short, a "Saint“ is someone who surpassed the levels of idiot and wannabe-bully.
Saint F I O R A: =====SAINT GAME=====
Thomas Danforth: Oh fuck it's a Saint game? get me outta this shithole

John Willard: don't be such a Saint
by SiIverBuIIet April 4, 2021
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the definition of rap....the nickname for JOE SAINT, the nigga u dont ever wanna fk wit
They call me a Saint cuz of my god-like features
Got u goin to church and prayin like preachers
by J SAINT November 7, 2004
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The exact opposite of you, a most likely 33 year old man who goes on urban dictionary and r/dankmemes while in your mother’s basement, and you should accept that.
Abby is such a saint; you should learn from her,” - Your dad before he got the milk.
by SomeGuyWhoJustTunedIn November 1, 2022
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