a male figure with a large cock you would gladly take daily.
Oh my god, I want my big dick daddy to fuck me so hard!!!
by digbickdaddy August 21, 2016
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A male with a big dick who Is in a ddlg relationship
My big dick daddy bf is so nice to me
by Bruhmoment 6969 October 5, 2020
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A man with a gigantic cock. Sometimes referred to as BDcubed. No one can compare to the size of his penis
Man his dick is so huge, it's almost as big as big dick daddy Doyles
by Godly1234 December 11, 2018
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A whiteboy named big dick daddy matty is the hottest male alive is a extremely good athlete good at any sport cares about a girl when he finds the right one and best he has and knows he has a big dick you’ll never get over him and did I mention the fact he can ball
Yo have you seen big dick daddy matty uh oh look he’s banging your chick
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n., originating 1980's; a person of the human male species who is the echelon; paramount in his species; "the main man"
Phone call recipient: "Who the hell is this?"
Caller: "This is, the one and only...Big-Dick-Daddy-Yum-Yum, who did you think it was, your ma'??!"
by Yeayuh March 24, 2005
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