A girl who is the epitome of grace and kindness. She is an all-rounder who is also intriguing. People around her wish to be friends with her.
Abbey: Have you seen Manya dancing? She's so good!
James: Wait till you hear her sing!
by Manyeah May 14, 2018
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A beautiful ,perfect , gorgeous girl who is better than everyone. She is so smart and nice to her friends she is very popular and cool she knows lots of people she is never sad always happy she always has a smile on her face . She smiles so much and never stops! She gets such good grades and try's so hard. Manya never gives up until she achieves her goal. She is very girly and sporty at some times. Every guy that sees Manya begs for her love there speechless when they see her. Usally a guy named James or Micheal would die for her. Manya has lots of friends and best friends. Some of her friends names would be Lacey , ,Alyssa , Joe, Grace and Brooke. Her best friends names are most likely Samantha , Dana and Gia or Gianna. Manya is the the best girl on earth and people love her so much !
Drake: Hey see that girl Manya ?
Shawn: Yes and she is smoking hot !!
by Definition princess March 17, 2015
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Manya is a very gorgeous and amazing person. She deals her problems in a very analysed manner.She does not take care about what others think of her. She is a very cool and chilled person who not take tension for every little thing . She is a true friend and a true lover. After knowing her , guys go crazy for her . Mostly boys with the name Yuvraj or other names starting with the letter Y would tend to fall in love with her . Once a person falls in love , he would never leave her .
Yuvraj : You are so awesome.
Manya: So are you !!
by _girl_boss14 February 24, 2019
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Actually cracked in the head. Sick dancers and life around them is bound to be a party. They tend to create organized crime like pulling sweaters and dressing up their friends. They don't care what people think of them and live their best lives. They are pro at finding epic songs and turning them into trends. They are low key really smart and deep and inspirational. Contrary to popular belief they are really responsible and expert camp directors. Everyone loves them and loves being their friends. They are cute and funny and have epic senses of humor. We love them
Manya is my favorite girl in sem
by Bad bochur November 15, 2021
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Manya is the coolest chic on this planet. She loves chocolates and has the worst teeth. She loves anime and kpop but doesn’t have anybody to talk to about so just fan girls by herself. Her dream is to find herself a human that has similar interests like her so she basically wants a best friend.
Sara:OMG manya you’re ossum!
Manya: facts 🤡
by Kaneki kun June 08, 2020
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Manya is an Indian girl who is pretty round in face. She is cute and chubby and very smart. She is very obedient but doesn't turn on the geezer. She has an Indian white sweet face and her she flares her nostrils when she's happy. Also she's very kind hearted but mostly she's plotting her sister's revenge. She doesn't like round shapes potatoes as they remind her of her face!!
Person 1: hey manya! How are you?
Manya: Hey potato, don't be so round!
by Samtambam November 29, 2020
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