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derived from the dead word 'awesome' which died a cruel and lingering death in the early twenty-first century. Originally something producing mouth-opening amazement, the word degenerated into a meaningless blather, frequently the opposite of its' intended meaning. Used by aspiring hipsters, noobs, and TV personalities to denote anything from the mildly interesting to the flatly mindless, its' evolution necessitated the new spelling to distinguish it from its' former relevance.
His ipad was about as ossum as a possum/"I farted." "Ossum!"/"You are so clever, so hip- may I touch the ossum hem of your garment?"
by caerhawk February 16, 2010
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A common misspelling but the proper pronunciation of the more superfluous awesome. Note the brevity of this version, making it much more appropriate for normal situation. Examine these contrasting examples:
"Forsooth, the divine wonders of the Lord God Almighty on High be verily awesome."

"Dude, that game was ossum."
by MarkusRTK February 12, 2004
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new spelling of the word "awesome" to seperate the different meanings. Ossum meaning "cool" and awesome meaning "filling one with awe" or sim.
Did you see him shredding? Fuckin' ossum!
by BTW November 03, 2004
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See awesome for the definition.

North American pronounciation of the word awesome, following the texting style of spelling words as they sound.
u r ossum - You are awesome
by Ceebe May 30, 2012
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it's the same thing as awesome, the Musso brothers (Mitchel, Mason and Marc) frequently use this. many of their fans now use this term more than the normal spelling.
(on Twitter)
@mitchelmusso Who says Ossum all the time?
hayley: I DO! mitchel you're so OSSUM! :D

-duuude, have you seen the new metro station music video?
-yeaaaah, it was ossum!(:
by erikaANGEL June 26, 2009
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