A derisive and condescending term insultingly used by women when referring to a man that they are in a conversation with. The man's point is derided not because his reasoning is faulty or his evidence is unreliable; his point is derided simply on the basis of his gender.
"Thanks for showing me the screengrab that proves the video is fake. I was not sharing it because I believed the video; I was sharing it because I thought it was funny. You do not need to mansplain the facts of it to me. I don't care."
by RizzoDaily August 30, 2015
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Stating verifiable facts that are inconvenient to the feminist worldview.
Feminists: Women only make 77% of what men make for exactly the same work! Oh the patriarchy.

Factual Person: No, they don't. that statistic is just for overall median pay of full time workers, and does not account for overtime hours worked, location, experience, degree earned, or even the field someone is working in. Women make less on average because men and women make different career choices, because believe it or not, men and women are different.

Feminist: Don't you mansplain to me! Facts and logic are just oppressive constructs to keep women down!
by Mansplainer April 17, 2014
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Telling a woman that she's wrong, even when she actually is.
Woman: "I'm not going to vaccinate my children, because that causes autism."
Man: "Actually, the study which suggested an autism link was a hoax, and the scientist who submitted it was disbarred."
Woman: "Check your privilege, you're mansplaining.
by TheMainsplainer October 14, 2012
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Essentially when a man assumes a woman (sometimes a man) lacks knowledge in an area where she (or he) is known to be an expert
Me reading the other definitions of "mansplain": Wow, these all sound like they were written by men who have never experienced mansplaining themselves! Now, they're trying to explain what it is. CLASSIC mansplaining!!

2nd-year law student: I cannot believe Matt just mansplained me about the difference between prosecutors and defense attornies. This dude is referencing TV shows LMAO
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by sjsnowflake January 28, 2018
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A word typically used to imply that the previous speaker is overly condescending and/or has a different way of explaining because he happens to be a man and the other party a woman. Usually, this is based in an over- or misinterpretation based on prejudice about the alleged mainsplainers intentions or on an inability to take constructive feedback. Sometimes it is used as an attempt to unfairly discredit the speaker or his arguments without having to provide counter-arguments. Typically, the mansplainer is simultaneously implied to be sexist or misogynistic.
Explainee: Women only earn 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. This is a grave injustice.

Explainer: That is a misleading statement. In fact, after correcting for factors like hours worked, experience, physical danger involved, etc., the differences is just a few percent.

Explainee (sarcastic): Thank you for mansplaining! I would never have thought of that with my tiny little brain!
by explainerOrMansplainer August 16, 2010
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Basically when a man explains something to a women and gets chastised for it. Seriously, you can't make this shit up if you tried.
Female "Women and Minorities can't be sexist due to prejudice + power!"
Male "Yes they can. Saying that one group of people can't be racist or sexist will make them actually racist and sexist. They will be able to get away with behaviors that would be deemed unacceptable if the opposite sex/race did it. That will ultimately turn the people who are sick and tired of being told they're the only ones that can be racist and sexist into Alt Right White Nationalists like Richard Spencer."
Female "Stop mansplaining to me!"
by Danžak June 17, 2018
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Like something out of the Twilight Zone, a once noble and progressive term used to describe a man assuming he is automatically smarter than a woman because he is a man, now in complete absurdity is widely used to assume a man is automatically dumber than a woman because he is a man
Some people now abuse the word "mansplain" to include that a man's view cannot possibly be right or even add anything of merit
by Frothy H. July 17, 2017
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