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Men's attempt to define women's reality without understanding women's lived experience.
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really, men are trying to explain this? for whom?
by Ms.Ann Driss March 11, 2017
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An explanation (usually by a man to a woman) to explain why she shouldn't have found the sexist thing he just said, sexist.
"When I told him my looks shouldn't have any bearing on my ability to do my job, he told me to relax and gave a long mansplanation about how I should take being told I'm pretty as a compliment."
by unrest655321 October 15, 2015
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Facts, logical proofs, or common sense observations offered by a man to someone who would rather not hear or accept, or simply does not comprehend them. A form of reverse sexism some self-described feminists employ to discredit the bearer of contradictory information on the basis of the bearer's gender. See also Shoot the Messenger.
Logical Male: "Women are not the only people held to impossible beauty standards in the media; millions of boys turn to illicit drugs and other unhealthy practices in the pursuit of aesthetic and athletic ideals otherwise impossible to achieve naturally."

Lazy Feminist: "Thanks for the mansplanation, but everyone knows boys are immune to body dysmorphia; the pressure on women to be sexy and thin is far more pernicious and always imposed by the patriarchy."
by Nikonulous May 11, 2017
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1. The explanation of a man's way of thinking, actions or thought process, to friends typically, in such a way that does violate sacred, holy, man law, nor the customs of manliness.

2. Also functions as the act of explaining ones feelings or emotions to a woman or man, in a practical, logical, manly way.
John's mansplanation for changing his outfit several times over before hitting the bars, was accepted by both his male and female peers, without derision.
by Das Hatter December 27, 2011
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