When a male tries to explain something to a woman, and thinks he as to dumb down the explanation, especially when she is at the same level of knowledge, or has more, than her male counterpart.
Man 1: Did you see that Hail Mary during yesterday's football game?!
Man 2: Yeah, it was awesome!

Woman: Seriously, it was gre-
Man 2: Before you say anything else, what we mean by a Hail Mary is when the quarterback made a last ditch through down the field to a different player who caught it.

Woman: You don't need to cut me off to mansplain what a Hail Mary is. I've been watching football since I was in diapers.
by originalcharly September 14, 2017
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When a man tries to explain something to a woman in a way that belittles them solely for their gender, assuming all women are incompetent. Author and activist Rebecca Solnit is credited with creation of the term.
See: Every other definition listed on Urban Dictionary pertaining to mansplain or mansplaining.
by Bernie S / Michelle B 2020 December 13, 2016
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When a know-it-all man (read: most) explains something to a woman in the most dickish, condescending, patronizing way possible, never realizing she already knows what he's talking about (read: she has a PhD in the topic), often leading to the woman nodding in vague, wide-eyed agreement that says, "I hope no one EVER fucks this guy, ever."
All the dickish, clueless, mansplainy definitions of Mansplain listed on this site.
by ATZ ATZ ATZ May 29, 2017
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Mansplain is often referred to when someone extensively explains something that the other party already has knowledge of, often in a condescending manner. The term is a combination of the words "man" and "explain" due to the commonality of men doing this. However, it can be used more broadly than just with men. This term is a negative term and is usually used by women.
Person #1: So I'm picking up my new GPU on the way home from work, right, when some dude in the store decides that I don't know enough and mansplains how to build a rig from scratch.
Person #2: But wait, didn't you build yours? Isn't that your job?
Person #1: Yeah but the dude just wouldn't stop or listen. I had to lie about having an appointment so I could just go to the register.
by Mjrin July 13, 2017
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An attempt by men/boys to help women/girls and provide information they believe that the women/girls need. Usually, the intent it to be helpful, not condescending; however, the effect is condescending. As a result, a great deal of controversy and anger exists; as with many -isms, it is the effect and not the intent that results in the definition. In addition, with many -isms, those guilty of mansplaining react with anger, derision, and ridicule rather than considering it a teachable moment.
Male runner at the start line of a trail race, observing a woman drinking from a water bottle: "You know, you should be careful the amount of water you drink, so that you don't suffer from hyponatremia. It's a very serious problem that can lead to death."

Female runner: "Um, thanks for the mansplain. I have a degree in exercise science, so if you'd like more information on that subject, I can help you out. "
by lynnsdaughter August 17, 2016
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To explain (by a man) to a woman on some topic or subject in a condescending way.
He was mansplaining the surgical technique to his girlfriend.
by Ddoldorie November 17, 2016
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(for a man) to explain something to a woman in the area of her own expertise.

Due to Rebecca Solnit, author of "Men Explain Things To Me."
"I'm quite familiar with turbine design requirements; please don't mansplain."
by NaturallySo March 11, 2017
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