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From the Latin term, meaning "to nausea." Used when something has been covered, explained, or talked about to the point of nausea, or to the point where it makes one sick.
Why must everyone tell me about that? It's been talked about ad nauseam!
by mmhmm January 24, 2005
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Ad Nauseam: 1. Repetitious to the point of wanting to throw up.
2. Going nowhere. Saying something so many times a student will absolutely not learn from his or her teacher. Kinda like a cycle of abuse, in a merri-go-round type of way.
1. I have heard them so much either I want to stick pencils in my eardrums or toss my lunch, they are ad nauseam.

2. Charlie Brown hears "wa wa wa wa wa" when his teacher speaks ad nauseam.
by Furmanski February 15, 2019
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