Adjective. London hood youth slang. Used when one wants to remain discreet with their desires/feelings.
'I don't want McDonalds. I'm slyly craving KFC'.

'Do you miss him?' '....slyly'.
by shaksz_m November 27, 2013
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A phrase used to avoid conversation or most of the time used in situations where it makes no sense but is used anyway, can be used as an answer for anything.
Josh: Alf Your Focus Sounds Fucked Mateee

Alfie: Slyly, Mate, Slyly
by ALFIE SLADE January 3, 2019
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The act of being intoxicated while still maintaining a sly appearance.
When a boy is at a party and has had far too much to drink, then sees a girl he likes and makes a sly face. Then his friends comes up and says "dude, way too be slyly wasted." The bromance has then taken a turn for the best.
by missymisssssly April 5, 2010
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