He’s an amazing guy that will make you forget about the tough things you’ve been through and are going through. He will stop everything just make sure you’re happy and will do anything to make you smile. Even though he’s there for everyone and will do anything for anyone not many take the time for him and that’s why it’s important to realize what you have in front of you because Manny is an amazing person to have in your life. Manny is the most funniest, outgoing, and cute boy you will ever meet. If you have a Manny in your life then don’t even lose him because you will regret it in life - Blue 💙
Manny is so amazing I wish he was my boyfriend- unknown
by Blue 💙 April 12, 2019
Mannys are very caring and loving but can shatter your heart into a million pieces. Don’t be alarmed if he fingers you.
Meesh: Yo, you hear Manny left Lindsey for some nerd skank.

Joy: Yeah
by The Urban Panda October 15, 2017
A Manny is a very annoying person. It is very hard to be around a Manny for a long time because eventually you will get fed up with them
Oh god there goes Manny
by Danny from animo westside August 12, 2020
A piercing on a man that is gauged big enough so he can have another mans penis in it. A pierced dick hole on a gay man.
My boyfriend got a manny so now we can have a threesome with just his face.
by MaddHatter88 March 25, 2009
Englishman - have u got a nanny

American - Yes

Englishman - I'm getting a Manny

American - what's that?

Englishman - A Male Nanny
by H.M.S-English March 1, 2009
That one annoying one who nobody wants around
Is that manny

Yeah we should probably leave
by Jessica Lawrence12324 June 15, 2019