A Manny is someone who drunks alone in him/her room
by Benrayel June 1, 2020
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A person who has no emotions; a person who will do anything, good or evil, to achieve their goals; the bravest and the most macho of men in the world.
Soldier 1: wow look at stannis charging the castle with the army! He isn’t scared of anything!

Soldier 2: he is a mannis. Stannis the mannis
by Derkadurr January 12, 2018
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Manny's are THE most amazing, sexy, hot and nice guys ever. They won't think like most men. When a woman wants something he has a hell of a way to make her happy with something better. Manny's are the ladies man. When he goes out every girl on the block knows him. He is amazingly romantic and you cannot say anything else, they are also funny as hell. Manny's are everyones friend.
Guy 1: I fucking love that dude, hes too funny

Guy 2: Must be Manny

by AREINTBRO February 19, 2011
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Manny is usually a very sexy person who loves to interact with the women.He is also atracted to very bueatiful women. No matter how many girls like him he is always loyal to one. A Manny is usually athletic and has a big dick.
Manny is hot.
by Bestqoutes.4 March 28, 2018
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Fuck Manny, he gets whatever the fuck he wants, and will go any means to get it. He caused the African cheese touch outbreak of '79 and he shot JFK.
Greg: did you see what that fat slag Manny got for Christmas
Rodrrick: wtf mom never let me have a poop sock
Greg: fuck manny
by Yer da sell Avon 69 August 24, 2019
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A manual software tester or any technology-inept person who thinks Internet Explorer is a "good browser".
Don't talk to that mannie, they'll tell you to clear your cache!
by Willb29 April 28, 2020
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...... Oh my fuckin god, there goes Manny!
by visamastercard September 16, 2011
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