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A person who surpasses all conventional boundaries of prudence, intuition, common sense or intelligence. Can be used to describe someone given a single, isolated instance or used as a general assessment of one's intellectual or intuitive competency.
A: Hey man, I'm not feeling so well. My mother just passed away and I just spent two-thirds of my life savings on her funeral. I'm starving and I'm about to be evicted from my apartment. My wife just left me as well.
B: Shit son, sorry to hear that... Hey, you think I can get that 20 bucks I lent you 5 years ago?

A: Man, shut the fuck up you dumbass nigga.

C: Dumbass nigga...
D: Yeah, shut the FUCK up you dumbass nigga.
B: Aite, aite....
by koolGraps December 03, 2013
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A stupid ass nigga who has no chill and doesn't know how to act.

These niggas also get no hoes because of their haircut that looks like an artichoke.
Me: aye you wanna get a beer?

Dumbass nigga: ooga ooga booga

Me: dumbass nigga what the fuck wrong wit you
by Ogjeffl1t April 25, 2019
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