Manny is a real ass nigga , a guy who's known and just wants females for fun till he finds what he wants then he's willing to do what ever it takes to have her .
Manny you some real ass nigga
by George heff March 14, 2017
He is the most hottest, nicest guy u will ever know. Don't let him go, he is a sweetheart. He will be there for you when you need him to be. He is everything you have ever wanted, he is perfect.
damn Manny is here, he might up the whole room
by tiffanyreyes13 June 9, 2016
One of th chillest funniest cutest guys youll ever find. Amazing at Sports (especially football) Loving and caring for his family and will always treat a girl right.
by Nikkifaael May 2, 2016
She is trustworthy , kind, sexy, amazing, gorgeous and makes the best friend. She is so compassionate of others feelings and would never do anything to hurt others She is drop-dead gorgeous, but she’s fucking nuts. She usually has long brown silky hair and big beautiful warm brown eyes. Her looks match her personality....she is so lovably awkward

She is funny as hell and usually can be gay for a boy even though she’s a girl. Anyone who speaks bad of a Samantha is usually just jealous of her because she has everything they want but don't have!

Manny will definitely become famous someday
Guy 1: Yo is that Manny
Guy 2: Yeah she's gay as fuck for you
by oldmcdonnald September 30, 2018
The youngest and most evil of the Heffley clan featured in popular book series "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." He's a demon that crawled to the surface world from the darkest depths of hell. Is known for associating with Croatian warlords and starting 9/11.
"Hey, did you hear about that Hitler guy?"
"Yeah, I heard he's almost as bad as Manny."
by whynautical January 10, 2019

A. Non-Man-Nanny
B. Guy of spanish descent who dons a ponytail and glasses.
C. One of the amazing men I've ever had the privilege to meet.
D. Click, process, display. This man has perfect processing skills due to his maturing period.
E. Blackbelt skills due to well disciplined training.
F. A wise boy beyond exponential centuries of time resulting in hypnotic-like speaking.
G. One who can read your mind when you first meet him which will give you chills up your spine.
H. Someone I may never see again:(
Ursula: What's so great about him anyway?
Jessica: He looks into my eyes I swear time stops... just thinking about him makes things slow down.
Ursula: oooookayy...?

Manny is the most ritzy guy everrr!!!!

Learned many lessons, this boy has, unlike some.

It was sexy when he used to kick Thomas's scrawny ass.

He could tell something was wrong and he barely knew me!

I miss him so much</3
by DondestaManny? June 30, 2009
A guy who thinks he has it all, the girls, the money, and the power to do what he wants. He loves music and gets really devoted with different things. Usually go for easy girls, or tries to make hard to get girls easy. They usually love to be with girls with simple names, like Angelica, Jessica, Alexis, and Bianca. He messes up his relationships but he doesn't sweat it because he knows they'll take him back.
Girl- "Jess, you're back with Manny again ?"

Jessica- "Yea girl, I keep taking him back even though he does me so wrong"
by thatrandomkid27 January 8, 2014