Something raunchy and manlike that would please a man enough to through his hands in the hair like a baboon and say "Man's Game!"

Can also be used as a suggestive solo question and answer.
Yo man, you just slapped Becky's ass with 2 hands while double fisting 2 beers, MAN's GAME!

DUDE, you just double fisted 4 hookers on top of a 1969 camaro while doing a keg stand! MAN's GAME!

Making 2 retards strip for the sole purpose of being a man while you cleveland steam your friend's grandmother? MAN's GAME!
by FREAK O December 23, 2009
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when a minimum of two guys with no maximum all jack off in front of each other. While they jack off in front of each other they are watching porn on their phones, but also looking at each other's dicks. they also make fun of each other's dicks while they jack off. Also, sometimes they will have the last person that cums lick everybody else's off a napkin.
Lock: holden nobodies home lets play the man game
Holden: yes lets do it

Lock: I play the man game and I'm not gay.
by canofworms October 16, 2014
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a game in which, over a period of time, boys compete to see who can hold off masturbating the longest. The winner gets bragging rights for life.
hey dude, have you masterbated yet?
um yeah
hahaha, you lost "The Man Game"!
by Grabs January 16, 2009
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Best used with cans of beer everyone will need a few beers and a deck of cards for the dealer. You start by calling a suit and then the dealer will start to deal out one card to each person untill that suit appears. The first card of that suit is what is "played." The person who gets this card has to drink whatever number is on that card. The person to their left begins counting and you go clockwise counting one by one, waiting as long in between each number as you so choose. When finished you must call a new suit before putting your beer down and if not you have to redo the count. If you finish your beer before they finish counting and put it down then the card goes to whomever didn't get the next count in. Sounds confusing but it isn't and it is a great way to get drunk.
Nick got wasted playing the Man Game last night.
by AggieGirl10 May 23, 2007
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When a man stands above his toilet to urinate, gambling on the assumption that he doesn't need to crap.
ted: man, i was playing The Man's Game in there.. i lost.
by Deshbaud April 8, 2009
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A game in which a group of males see who can get the most women in a set amount of time (usually over Summer). Points are often assigned for different things (sex counts for a large amount, while oral sex may only be half the points, though it varies). Whoever can total up the most points by the end of the set time wins "The Man's Game".
The boys and I played The Man's Game last Summer. Jack had sex with a few girls so he got 45 points. John only hooked up with one girl so he came in at 15 points. I happened to be on a hot streak and racked up 75 points.
by Djentlemanx September 26, 2011
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When an older person outclasses their (generally) younger opponents in sports with their knowledge of the game to compensate for their diminished athleticism.
Can't believe Uncle Herb scored 40 on us... he's got that old man game for sure.
by delhaen February 12, 2019
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