1. a place where foolish people go to put a hole in their wallets, so by the time they are done they don't even need a wallet. 2. where everything is over-priced! and ridiculous
where a good pair of jeans is now 40$
by stuey March 24, 2004
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An old poker term used when someone says "I'm all in." I'm MALL. Can be applied to any situation where someone did an excessive amount of something. Also can be used in the place of "awesome," "cool," and "sick."
Dude I went Mall on the Pizza.

That chick over there has a huge rack...she definitely went mall on her titjob.

That concert was so mall last night.
by Cuerpoperfecto July 06, 2012
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(1) Traditionally, an outdoor walkway in a park, often lined with statuary.
(2) A secular cathedral of mercantilism.
I went to the mall to buy a belly shirt, and all I found was this Faberge egg.
by cornholio October 18, 2003
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refers to a small, usually ginger man, of minuture stature, who often shys away from community, so that they are only seen late at night.
'look at that malls over there'
'ill see you later malls'
by dolbydigital123 July 19, 2009
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