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Going to the mall with a large group of people with no intention of buying anything.
"Lets go malling and make the dudes try on shit at wet seal!"
by Lovelytoes December 09, 2006

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Someone who follows what Alton Brown says like a religion.
I am indeed an Altonist.
by Lovelytoes August 25, 2007

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Another word for friend.
My bestest squanky, I lovehyou.
by Lovelytoes June 04, 2007

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A more fun way to say fag, but not in a rude way, in a funny way.
Person 1: Haha yr a loser
Person 2: I see my little friend is a faggermuffin ^__^
by Lovelytoes June 04, 2007

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Someone who downloads the free trial for everything.
He has so many fucking expired trials on his computer, hes a lame trialer.
by Lovelytoes May 21, 2007

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A little foam ring that was put around the number nine on older cellphones, before we used flip-phones.
This was used to avoid accidentally calling 911 while the phone was in your pocket.
Fire stations used to give them out for free.
"Whats that thing peeling off your phone?"
"Its my nine guard, it won't stick"
by Lovelytoes May 18, 2009

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Someone who strongly dislikes Insane Clown Posse, and bashes anyone who does.
Juggahater: You have a terrible taste in music.
Juggalo(ette): What? Cause' you don't like them doesnt mean they suck.
by Lovelytoes December 12, 2006

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