An NHL franchise whose had its ups and downs. They go from good to bad, and then to good again. I think the reason for that is because from 2001-02 to 2005-06 the team had mainly rookies, and the only experience came from Mario Lemieux. Now they're good again, but to be honest, some of the fans are only fans because they're good, or in other words, bandwagonners. Admittedly i'm a Pens fan, but i'm not a bandwagonner. i became a fan when i was 5 years old, back in 2002-03. Now the Pens have guys like Sydney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Pascal Dupuis, just to name a few players. They're now playoff regulars because of the new star power.
Person 1: "Did you see the Pittsburgh Penguins game last night?"

Person 2: "Yeah i did. Sydney Crosby scored 2 goals and Marc-Andre Fleury recorded a shutout. It was great."
by AnonymousGuy1234 February 22, 2014
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A team that the survival of hockey as one of America's 'big four' sports depends upon. While hockey will always prosper north of the border and in cities with hockey traditions such as Detroit, Boston, Mineapolis, and Pittsburgh itself, the sports has struggled in other markets. Basketball went through the same problems in the late 1970s and it saved itself because of a dream team- Larry Bird's Boston Celtics. The Pittsburgh Penguins are the savior for hockey.

The Pens started life in 1966 when hockey finally decided to change from an elitist sport with 6 teams to one that had potentional for national popularity. From 1966-1980, the team struggled. Ownership changed hands several times and the team had a bankruptcy. Playoff berths were hard to find. The team did have some success on the ice in the early 1970s, but the Pens of this point in time are most known for the biggest choke in hockey history, blowing a 3-0 series lead in the conference semifinals to the New York Islanders.

Things changed in 1980, when the famous DeBartolo family bought the Penguins. After some brief success early in their ownership, the team tanked, but got a tremendous reward for it in 1983- Mario Lemieux. Super Mario helped bring desensitized fans back to the seats after years of losing and instability. Despite his amazing play, it took him until 1988 to put the Penguins in the playoffs for the first time. That year, Lemieux scored 199 points, just missing becoming only the second player to hit the 200 point plateau. At this point, the DeBartolos decided to put some pieces around Lemieux. Big names young and old such as Jagr, Francis, Recchi, Coffee, Samuelson, and Barasso. In 1991 and 1992, everything came together and the Pens won a pair of Stanley Cups.

The 1990s had their ups and downs for the Pens. The DeBartolos sold the Pens to flamboyant owner Howard Baldwin. Druing Baldwins ownership, the team made the playoffs ever year, including a ridiculously successfly but disappointing 1993, when the team picked up 119 points and the President's Trophy, but played poorly in the playoffs. Mario Lemieux battled cancer, then suffered a debilitating back injury. Yet he played on, winning 6 scoring titles. When Lemieux retired due to the back problems, Jaromir Jagr stepped up as a hero and won 4 scoring races on his own.

In December 1998, things got hair for the Pens, as the free-spending Howard Baldwin has run out of money. With the team bankrupt and things uncertain for next season, the team played on, making another playoff run. Mario Lemieux came back to save the Pens once again. With help from billionaire Ron Burkle, Lemieux purchased the Pens from bankruptcy court, saving them from relocation. With the team's finances in horrible shape, Lemieux's group had trouble keeping together the team but left together allowed the franchise to make the playoffs the next year.

In December 2000, Mario Lemieux returned to the ice, rejoining the Pittsburgh Penguins as a player-owner. Although the Pens had been forced to dump off some stars, the still contained Jagr and now Lemieux. The rode the big momentum of stardom to an amazing playoff run that came up just short of a Stanley Cup finals apperence.

After the amazing 2000-2001 season, the Pens finances were in dire straights. Jagr was traded and the team's stars were depleted. For 3 straight seasons, the Pens were among the league's worst, unable to afford to compete. However, the franchise aquired numerous young stars, which would be helpful in the future.

After the NHL lockout, the Pens returned to the ice with some hope. They had just aquired the biggest star since Lemieux himself, Sidney Crosby. While the season didn't go well, Crosby played amazingly. However, uncertainty surrounded the team going into the 2006-07 season, as it was a possibility that the team would relocated. On the ice, Crosby was joined by big young stars, including Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal and the team suddenly prospered. However, fans were agonized, over the relocation crisis. Luckily, on 3-13-07, the Pens and the politicans reach a deal to build a new arena and keep the team in town.

The future is bright indeed for the Penguins, as they are drawing comparisions to the Edmonton Oilers of the 1980s, a team that won 4 champsionships. Crosby has already won a scoring title, Malkin is bound to be rookie of the year, and Lord Stanley's Cup awaits in the near future.
Sidney Crosby. Need I say more? The Pittsburgh Penguins are hockey's saving grace.
by Geno Malkin April 10, 2007
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NHL Ice Hockey team formed in 1967.

Has three Stanley Cups-1991, 1992, and 2009
Bill: Hey did you see the Pittsburgh Penguins game last night?

Bob: Yeah it was awesome!
by natalie298755 October 4, 2009
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(noun) - a hockey team based in Pittsburgh, owned by Mario Lemieux who saved the franchise on multiple occasions. Winner of the 2009 Stanley Cup, defeating Detroit in 7 games. Made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2008, only to lose to Detroit, 4 games to 2. Eastern Conference Champions two consecutive years in a row, in 2008 and 2009.
DAMN! Those Pittsburgh Penguins are pretty much dom squad.
by pensgirl87 October 11, 2009
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A Hockey team that was awesome while Mario Lemieux played for them. Now they have Sidney Crosby who while a good player has the NHL and a bunch of new hockey faggots all over his dick. Even without Sidney Crosby the Penguins are a good, young team.

Simply put they are over shadowed as a whole by that wanker Crosby.
Hockey fan: Hey, you like the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Hockey noob: Sidney Crosby!

Hockey fan: Yeah, but what about the other players? Like Evgeni Malkin?

Hockey noob: Sidney Crosby!

Hockey fan: You're a faggot.
by bloodredrage February 12, 2011
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A team in the NHL that is full of rookies. It has financial problems and is trying to get more fans to come to the games. It's the only NHL team with an excuse to lose, because of the inexperience of their players and goalies.
The Pittsburgh Penguins put on a good fight against the New Jersey Devils, but were defeated in OT.
by Jefferson January 2, 2004
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A bunch of fucking bitches. They are a disgrace to the game and should stop being a franchise because no one but those fuckin' douches in Pittsburgh like them. They're a bunch of babies and can all die in a hole. Faggots.
Everyone else with a brain: "YEAH THEY SUCK HUGE COCK!!! FUCK 'EM!!!!!"
by PENSsuckPENISSSS June 11, 2011
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