a logical fallacy that demeans your opponent instead of refuting their argument.
"You shouldn't vote for Bill for student-body president because he got some random chick pregnant. What would he know what's good for the school?"

The person made a personal attack on Bill in order to give him a bad image so that he/she has a better chance at winning.
by Anime Nerd December 6, 2008
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What!? You are (in my not so humble opinion) committing the most egregious personal attack on a person’s psyche one can commit.
Hym “I don’t know what you are confused about here! What recourse have you left me here? None. And how does that not constitute a form a personal attack? What, in your head, makes you think we are not on good terms after you started doing this? For the exact reasons you claimed that what they were doing to the other guy is damaging. It’s like a 1 to 1. What you’re doing (On the other hand) is not a 1 to 1 and constitutes ‘piling on.’ And even saying that is just so manipulative it’s unbelievable!”
by Hym Iam October 4, 2022
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A (joke) response that shows you can personally relate to content that was meant to be more general.
New York Times headline: Studies show that 2020 has seen a 400% spike in men losing their entire life savings thanks to trading stocks at home.
Man sitting at home trading stocks: "I feel personally attacked."
by igotalottastuff June 20, 2020
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