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Weed that's so strong that, after one hit, you're like "what's goin' on?"
Damn, this shit is some Marvin Gaye weed. Have you ever seen a snow-covered mountain during the sunset on a crystal-clear winter's day, all golden and fiery in the last dying rays of the sun, and noticed how even the shadows glowed with all of the purple and indigo notes of the evening sky?
by the birds and trees September 30, 2008
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A powerful strain of cannabis. After one hit, users are inclined to say "What's goin' on?"
This is called Trainwreck, and it is classified as Marvin Gaye weed.
by the birds and trees August 26, 2008
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A beautiful thing that happens when two people of different races are able to start a family.
Main opponents of miscegenation are white supremacists who are obsessed with the "purity" of the white race.
by the birds and trees April 6, 2007
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Anyone who has children with someone of a different race. All in all, a step in the right direction. White culture has always had issues with miscegenation, due to the racist pseudo-science of the 19'th century, which sought to prove the white man's superiority over the black. Fortunately, now that that mind set is beginning to fade, people are no longer classifying each other by race. The obsession to keep the race "pure" is ideaological garbage laced with putrid racism.
Racists claim that a miscegenist "muddies" their pure Aryan bloodline. I say it muddies an otherwise functional mind to ponder why skinheads still don't have a clue what Aryan means.
by the birds and trees November 19, 2006
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A euphamism for New Age music, a horrible, hideous genre of aimless, unlistenable drech for washed out, middle-aged ex-hippies and the power crystal clutching disciples of con men who use bits and pieces of various Eastern religions, interspersed with liberal helpings of pure bullshit in order to sell their overpriced, horribly written books (also filled with bullshit) and ugly quartz crystal trinkets. Rhymes with "sewage."
Hey, holmes, get that fucken' newage crap off of my sound system right now! And bury that c.d. once you're through taking it far, far away from anyone with anything resembling taste in music.
by the birds and trees August 26, 2006
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The amount of semen expelled during one male ejaculation.
So I was having sex with Cassie the other day, she said she wouldn't mind if I blew my load on her face, so I did, and goddamn, I think it was the biggest load I ever dropped! She looked so beautiful with all that hot goo all over her pretty face! I can't wait to do it again!
by the birds and trees February 17, 2007
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A garment, usually consisting of a single piece of cloth, worn around the hips and covering the groin area. Traditionally worn in regions of the world with a hot climate. Found throughout North and South America, Africa and Asia. Different types of loincloth vary of course; loincloths worn by Indians in North America were often of leather, the Aztecs made theirs from a cotton-like cloth made from cactus fiber. In Japan, all classes once wore loincloths, the farmers wore theirs as outer wear while wading in the rice paddies, and the nobles wore theirs as underwear, under their bakama (loose-fitting trousers) and kimono.
The loincloth was made from pressed cactus fiber cloth.
by the birds and trees September 18, 2007
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