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Having a public meltdown on the internet, usually on Twitter.
Jonathan K. Businessman, having a normal one, released a string of dozens of tweets today repeatedly denying that he was was a furry, was involved in securities fraud, or was in any addicted to tentacle porn. The tweets, phrased in Elizabethan English, compared the S.E.C. to the Horned King, a character from the Disney movie "The Black Cauldron."
by the birds and trees December 22, 2018
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Something that causes destruction solely for the sake of causing destruction. A self-controlled machine of violent destruction whose sole purpose is to smash everything in site and cause utter havoc. Usually colossal in size, humanoid in form, and invented by any of a number of mad scientists living in your, yes YOUR city, bent on revenge for some perceived past wrong.
1. "The Army had to be called in after an inhuman robot of damage (IRD) destroyed 12 city blocks downtown yesterday.

2. "He ransacked the buffet table like an inhuman robot of damage."

3. "I go through essay questions like an inhuman robot of damage!"
by the birds and trees June 1, 2007
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A Pokemon card/creature resembling a snake made out of rocks. The phallic nature of this creature was noted in a sly reference in the manga Aoi House.
Is that an onix in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
by the birds and trees February 18, 2007
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People who feel that they must reproduce, that their purpose as humans would somehow be negated if they did not contribute to the overpopulation which will eventually kill us all.
Breeders do just that. They mate and churn out kid after kid.
by the birds and trees October 9, 2007
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Irrational fear or hatred of Muslims. Usually found immediately after any terrorist event, resulting in persecution and intimidation of law-abiding Muslim Americans, or anyone who could be mistaken for a Muslim or Arab. Contrary to ultra-right-wing rhetoric, Islamophobia is not disagreeing with the religion of Islam or Sharia law. Islamophobia is fear of Muslims.
Examples of Islamophobia:

1. Reporting your Muslim neighbor to the Department of Homeland Security because you thought the lawnmower he was repairing in his garage was a bomb.
2. Shooting a Sikh store clerk because he was wearing a turban, and you thought that only Muslims wear turbans.
3. Attacking a Muslim woman on the street because you thought she was a terrorist.
4. Detaining law-abiding Muslims and sending them to Guantanamo for extremely shady reasons.
by the birds and trees April 6, 2007
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A garment, usually consisting of a single piece of cloth, worn around the hips and covering the groin area. Traditionally worn in regions of the world with a hot climate. Found throughout North and South America, Africa and Asia. Different types of loincloth vary of course; loincloths worn by Indians in North America were often of leather, the Aztecs made theirs from a cotton-like cloth made from cactus fiber. In Japan, all classes once wore loincloths, the farmers wore theirs as outer wear while wading in the rice paddies, and the nobles wore theirs as underwear, under their bakama (loose-fitting trousers) and kimono.
The loincloth was made from pressed cactus fiber cloth.
by the birds and trees September 18, 2007
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The county seat of Hampshire County in Western Massatchusetts. Northampton is the home of Smith College, one of America's first women's colleges. Perhaps because of the large number of college students persuing liberal arts majors, the city has a fairly free, artistic spirit to it. Politically, Northampton is mostly liberal, with a few leftists, and is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the region. Because of this, and because of the presence of a women's college, the city has gained a reputation as a city overrun with angry lesbians with numerous tattoos and crew cuts. Though there are many LGTB individuals living in Northampton, this rumor is somewhat of an exageration.

Northampton is dominated by a wide array of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and a few places where they sell insanely expensive jewelery and glassware, obviously catering to the growing trend of gentrification that threatens to eradicate the town's original spirit.

I'll be in Northampton for the rest of the evening, me and Louie are going to Thornes to pick up tickets for the ska show at Pearl Street.
by the birds and trees August 26, 2006
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