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Something that causes destruction solely for the sake of causing destruction. A self-controlled machine of violent destruction whose sole purpose is to smash everything in site and cause utter havoc. Usually colossal in size, humanoid in form, and invented by any of a number of mad scientists living in your, yes YOUR city, bent on revenge for some perceived past wrong.
1. "The Army had to be called in after an inhuman robot of damage (IRD) destroyed 12 city blocks downtown yesterday.

2. "He ransacked the buffet table like an inhuman robot of damage."

3. "I go through essay questions like an inhuman robot of damage!"
by the birds and trees June 1, 2007
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Having a public meltdown on the internet, usually on Twitter.
Jonathan K. Businessman, having a normal one, released a string of dozens of tweets today repeatedly denying that he was was a furry, was involved in securities fraud, or was in any addicted to tentacle porn. The tweets, phrased in Elizabethan English, compared the S.E.C. to the Horned King, a character from the Disney movie "The Black Cauldron."
by the birds and trees December 22, 2018
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The most vile, insipid, sanity-destroyingly horrible genre in the history of cinema. The romantic comedy is a genre of movie, usually mainstream, that follows a fairly consistant formula: boy meets girl, silly shit happens, low-intensity comedy insues, mild disasters averted, boy and girl get married and live happily ever after, the end. This formula never changes, for if there were the slightest deviation, it would not ba a romantic comedy. This genre exists solely for the entertainment of obnoxious, highly sentimental housewives who feel that their gender must consign them to this terrible fate. For them, to be feminine is to be an obnoxious, hand-wringing milksop. This is similar to the viewpoint among men that to be masculine is to be an obnoxious, belligerent neanderthal who crushes beer cans with his forehead. Romantic comedy is cinematic anti-matter. It is the opposite of art, and can not, by nature, be creative or original in any way. Romantic comedies are as plentiful as they are unbearable, due to the consistent market for sappy, brain-dead entertainment. A watcher of romatic comedies never gets tired of the same plot, over and over and over again, and therefore can watch the same movie, with subtle variations, thousands of times over a lifetime, viewing each new clone as if it were the first.

People of average intelligence are advised avoid this genre if at all possible, as it has been known to cause severe drowsiness, ennui, brain leakage through the ears and, in rare cases, extreme homicidal rage.
DVD's of previous years' romantic comedy hits are best suited for use as a cheap and durable paving and flooring material, and are of about the right size to be used as targets for archery and riflery practice.

I re-tiled my bathroom floor with surplus copies of You've Got Mail, and at half the cost of ceramic tile!
by the birds and trees September 25, 2006
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A self-professed Christian who labors under the mistaken impression that Christians are persecuted in this country, and that he or she is commonly persecuted for his or her beliefs. These people usually attempt to convert everyone they know or meet to their own denomination of "born again" Christianity, thereby alienating a number of non-Christians as well as Christians of denominations not of their own, then attribute their subsequent shunning by society to a fictitious, widespread anti-Christian mania.
Josh: "Hi, my name is Josh, and I'm a Jesus freak."
Tim "Hi, my name is Tim, and I'm Jewish."
Josh: "You need the love of Jesus in your life! Repent! You're going to hell!"
Tim: *walks away*
Josh: "Why do you hate me? Why must I be persecuted?!"
by the birds and trees May 25, 2007
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An insult for one who is ignorant, uncouth, rude and rustic, with insinuations of poor personal hygiene.
From now on, you peasants are dead to me!
by the birds and trees February 22, 2007
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A euphamism for New Age music, a horrible, hideous genre of aimless, unlistenable drech for washed out, middle-aged ex-hippies and the power crystal clutching disciples of con men who use bits and pieces of various Eastern religions, interspersed with liberal helpings of pure bullshit in order to sell their overpriced, horribly written books (also filled with bullshit) and ugly quartz crystal trinkets. Rhymes with "sewage."
Hey, holmes, get that fucken' newage crap off of my sound system right now! And bury that c.d. once you're through taking it far, far away from anyone with anything resembling taste in music.
by the birds and trees August 26, 2006
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A Pokemon card/creature resembling a snake made out of rocks. The phallic nature of this creature was noted in a sly reference in the manga Aoi House.
Is that an onix in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
by the birds and trees February 18, 2007
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