End product in industry and or society is defined as the completed product of a manufactureing process.A process that creates a final defined product.
The end product of a cookie recipe is a chocolate chip cookie.

The end product of coke a cola's recipe is a can of coke.
The end product of hot water and a teabag is a cup of tea.
by paita March 25, 2013
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An awesome guy on youtube that makes kickass videos that you should watch and that you should subscribe to who has curly hair which apparently gets all the girls.
Guy 1 - Yo Dawg, did you check out Open Ended Productions new video?
Guy 2 - Oh hell yeah he's the SHIT yo!
Guy 1 - Damn Straight Son!
by Whutfrog February 8, 2009
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A group of people who got together to create madness and comedy throughout band and the internet through videos on Youtube. These people are a curly headed kid, a ginger that doesn't know what to do with himself, an Asian ninja, and an albino Mexican that looks a tad bit emo!
Victim - Hey! what happened to my slot!

Random person - IDK, must have been one of those guys from Open Ended productions!

Victim - Dang!
by llamalips93 February 8, 2009
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When you have just smashed one out, and your wife or girlfriend or any regular whore asks you to make sweet sweet fuck to her, and you do it, but when you come the amoung of sperm that is produced couldn't even bukkake a sea monkey. Very embarrassing.
(walks into bathroom and sees wife's victorias secret catalogue in magazine rack conveniently placed next to toilet for literate shits.)

"oh victoria silstedt you don't know what you are doing to me..."

(blows a huge load of spunk into the toilet, wipes his bell end with a piece of bog roll, and then proceeds to wash his hands and wait around for a minute until his boner subsides and it is safe to go back out to dinner with his friends in the dining room. when he goes out all of his friends have gone and his wife is stood there naked, she says "fuck me barry" he jumps right on her ass, and starts riding her like a donkey on blackpool beach, that is, very slowly and being led by a dirty gypsy holding a rope. she screams "i want you to come all over my tits!" he thinks "fucking victoria silvstedt, so damn sexy arrrggghhh." eventually he is forced to come through what is essentially mollesturbation from his wife, and produces a puddle of weak ass sperm no larger than a one penny piece, the new ones at that. everybody feels very bad , and they go and drink a cup of tea.)

by lost in transfusion June 2, 2009
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