When a person is recieves a longer that life jail sentence.
Frank was found guilty for commiting double homocide of the first degree. The judge decided to give him a Bernie Madoff.
by Angry Rhino July 6, 2009
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A wake-up call to learn how to invest your own money instead of relying on others to do a worse job than you could have done guessing.
Don't Bernie Madoff your investments. Do it yourself and avoid poverty.
by UltimateFakePunk December 27, 2008
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Cum in a girls eyes so that they are completely blind and throw her face-down on the floor. Quickly get dressed and then take her money as you leave. As you run out the door, yell "Gotcha bitch!".
"Alright boys im buying tonight. I Bernie Madoff-ed some bitch last night so I have an extra $200 laying around."
by Word 1981 September 1, 2009
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A sweet deal on a house or apartment, presumably in the general area of NYC or Palm Beach, which is a direct result of its owner having sustained a significant loss in the Bernie Madoff fraud.
Julianna: We just bought Julia's Palm Beach home last week for a fraction of what it's really worth, what a Bernie Madoff Bargain.

The poor woman was fleeced by Bernie and she needed to raise cash fast.
by WeirdBlitzBoy April 15, 2009
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