A mythological creature summoned from the depths of hell, does 38-42 dmg, and extra damage to fortified structures as well as (the french economy). Ranged attack and is immune to magic, and has resistant skin giving him +3 armor, as well as 1620 health.
I sent 12 knights and a BloodMage against him and they only did 300 damage, he's overpowered they need to nerf him.
by Japanadan October 9, 2004
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The French president embroiled in politcal scandal at home, not punishable by French law until he is out of office.

The posterboy for Anti-Bush extremists who have little to no knowledge of the depth of French investment in pre-war Iraqi Oil and defense contracts.
France Telecom
UN Oil for Food Program
by Free Press in France June 21, 2005
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A guy who likes to rag on the USA, because his country got thrown out of all it's Asian, African, Middle Eastern colonies and then out of Europe itself (by the Nazis). Thinks we're dopes for returning it all to him. Can't believe the USA has more strength and influence in the world now. Epitome of ingratitude.
We're under attack by canoes from the Marshall Islands. Get Jacques Chirac here pronto, with a white flag!
by Dove tails February 22, 2005
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aka (All Talk)

See France, the country that would surrender to Switzerland.
Well, well, well... Jacques Chirac is spewing pacifist rhetoric again.
by Grim Winnebago January 14, 2004
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To urinate on the shaved belly of one's mistress postcoitus.
Justin performed pulled a jacques chirac on Claudette, after which she smelled slightly better.
by Ribbit Rabbit July 16, 2006
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