what u doing? (What you doing?)
by UCGuy March 16, 2003
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What u doing. Abbreviation of what u doing.
DUDE what u doing??

yo wud
by Zazi REEEEEh September 15, 2004
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the Walking Urban Dictionary: someone who knows the urban dictionary by heart and oozes such knowledge in all kinds of social interactions.
"My name is Wei. People also call me WUD."
"and what the hell is that? Weapons of ultimate destruction?!!!"
"Nah. Chill down. It stands for walking urban dictionary."
by PapaZen July 18, 2016
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Mary: "Hey John wud?"
John: "nm, wbu?"
by machiebachie November 26, 2014
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(wuhd) Additionally used as an onomatopoeia for stroking a fully erect penis, specifically by members of the pointlesswasteoftime.com forums.
See also: wordfap/word,worduNF/word
Yeah, and then I followed that link you posted and I was like OMG!

by Red Herring October 10, 2003
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hey, how are you ?
Good thanks, you?
Yeah I'm good thanks, wud?
Not much really
by kristinanewton August 15, 2014
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Wud rhymes with bud, mud and flood. It doesn’t rhyme with wood, should or could.

Wud is a regular verb. To wud is to do your thing your way without the adverse influence of direct external interference.

Wud has been considered an acronym, standing for the Wud Union of Devon.
Refer to:

by gugfuf March 23, 2009
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