Morning wood is when u wake up in the morning to a dick longer than usual. But u don't always get it in the morning. u get it 3 - 5 times while u sleep. It's actually healthy if u get them bc it means u have moderate blood flow. if u got that big dick for hours and u haven't jerked off then u got problems and u gotta see a doc bout ur dick. Some techniques that are used to soften the wood are to flex ur thighs and ass cheeks, pee, drink less water before bed, stand up for two minutes, and getting that pickle under some cold water. u don't want to go to school/work without coffee bc u spilled it with ur wood.
Dad: holy shit! son! what did u watch last night!
Son: its nothing but my usual morning wood.
Dad: gtfo of bed son, I don't want ur sheets covered in cum.
by TheGuyYouGoToForThisKindaStuff December 6, 2017
When you wake up and you have a giant boner or an erection for more fair and fancy terms
Today i woke up for my morning date... but then i got morning wood...
I hope it goes away quickly before i meet here!
by SushiTrash July 7, 2018
When you say good morning to someone with the surname "Wood". Initially it will sound like you are talking about a morning erection.
Morning Wood!
Im sorry what?
I said good morning Wood!
by hdver January 18, 2012
The erection that men will have in the morning, just after they wake up. It's the way a mans body says "Wake up, or I will annoy the shit out of you."
Person: "Well, you're awake early."
Man:"I had to wake up because my morning wood wouldn't let me go back to sleep.."
by IInSSyNc February 22, 2014
When a male gets a erection in the morning or as soon as he gets up. Meaning getting a boner in the morning.
Jose:Why did you not wake up
Pj: Because i got a Morning Wood
by GetItOn October 20, 2009
Something you would usually fucking wake up too and can't stop it and you beat the shit out of your meat. Sad nibba hours.
by ETD420_nibba May 20, 2020
morning wood is when a man has a woody or a boner when said man wakes up.
Jimmy and Joe are sleeping in the same tent together while camping. Joe notices Jimmy's morning wood and says,"hey, Jimmy you having dreams about titty fucking, or anal?
by tityfuqer69 May 1, 2020