An insect that makes you like flies better.
by CLEWGE October 23, 2003
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a mosquito is a person who is a fuckin pest who wont leave you the fuck alone because they have no mates. The mosquito will try to chime into your group conversations and will start to cling onto one person and annoying the fuck out of them. There are two types of mosquito's (the lieutenant) which is the king of mosquitoes who will bite onto you and will never fuck off and thinks he a mates and there are regular mosquitos who are just a bad. There is only a 10% chance of you getting out of a conversation with these pests some tips to getting out are: just fucking of and run for your dear life or just fucking end yourself cause you have no chance of getting out.
hey did you just spray mortein

fuck im so itchy

i got bitten HELP!!!!!!!!

there are so many mosquito here i keep on getting bitten
by smailliw nehs September 27, 2019
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Bloodsucking insects from hell.
Me: These damned mosquitos are eating me alive! They're like thousands of mini-Draculas!
by Righteous Thumb October 23, 2008
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The whores of the insect world. All they do is get what they need from you, and leave you with nothing but a burning itch.
Mosquito: Looking for a good time?
Unsuspecting human: Yeah, that's why I went camping.
Mosquito: Mmm... blood.

The next day
Unsuspecting human: Scratch... scratch... I went camping and all I got were these lousy mosquito herpes.
by sewingmachineohno August 1, 2011
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Small flying parasitic insects. Only the females bight you (don't mean to be sexist but it's true). The males drink nectar. The humming keeps you awake at night and drives you mad. They always find their way in regard less of whether you use citronella candles, aerogard or have fly screens. They fucking hurt when they bight and I fucking hate them. We can't irradicate them with a virus because we will catch it. We cant poison them or we hurt the environment. All we can do is smack em (smack) damn missed the little fucker..
Another mosquito basterd has bitten me between the toes. The nerve of them..
by devo February 4, 2004
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