A small, annoying, bitey insect that goes "Bzzzzzzzzzzz....SPLAT." If Only.
They bite and are annoying. Incidentally, I was bitten the other day. The wanker.
Annoyed bloke:
"For Pete's sake that fucking mosquito has been pissing me off for hours now! Where's the fly spray. Aha!"


by The Kiwi God August 19, 2005
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Annoying little twats that track your carbon monoxide and bite the shit out of you
Person: Fuck i got bit by a mosquito
Person2: Watch out for those blood sucking cunts
by vocal percussion June 28, 2020
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Someone who buzzes around you, never stopping their chit-chat even when they are asked to, and although their voice and\or subject of discussion is extremely annoying. Being a mosquito is very common in preteens(especially if those maniacs are fucking gifted), but can be found also in adults.
Stop buzzing around me, mosquito!
by P.R. July 19, 2006
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a clandestine way(mostly from the male gender) of describing the size or lack there of, of the breasts of a female. The word implies that said breasts are equivalent to an over-sized insect bite, specifically one by a mosquito which are usually very small and not noticeable unless irritated or infected.
Suzy is hot, but my hamster has bigger mosquitoes !
by machinefeeder March 6, 2011
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Those little bastard fly-like things that swarm at you and ruin the outdoors for canoers.
"Holy s**t! Those little mosquito f**kers just ate my baby!"
by Andrew Snedden September 14, 2003
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little sluts that get around and bite everyone
that mosquito is a slut it got me and my guy
by kulogirl July 7, 2009
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A blood sucking insect that makes you like flies better.
by Azure Dragon February 10, 2010
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