A newcomer to 4chan. Hated by Anons everywhere. Usually this person consists of failure and tries too hard to fit in.
Newfag needs to GTFO of my 4chan, nao.
by Leslslsls August 5, 2007
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•A term that originated on 4chan by the anons who referred to people coming from the site Newground.com
New - The first word of Newgrounds
Fag - A derogatory term used on gay people or in general term used on people who are acting stupid but want to use a more hateful slang term.

•Newfag also refers to people who are new to anything, primarily 4chan or an imageboard. Not knowing the ways of how the site is ran and associated with. The term is commonly used for those acting out as a special snowflake.

Newfag - a general internet slang term for new people to something in general.

Other words associated with Newfag are:

"Oh god, we have a newfag here with us on /b/ again. Go back to tumblr you special Snowflake"
"Jimmy is a fucking newfag from hell. He goes to Newgrounds all the time"
"What's with all he newfags on tumblr? Is it really that bad?"
"God damn, you can't play Splatoon for shit; What a newfag!"
"Are you a newfag? You should know how Apple only wants to take your money. Like they care about you as a person!"
by Tarrabyte July 31, 2016
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Pop culture's side-bitch. Newfags have no genuine taste of their own, therefore lacking an artistic perspective on ingenuity. As a result, newfags put their efforts into appeasing to one (or more) of the mainstream trends; which just fit the mold of the status quo at present time.

Being a newfag in literal context means to exclusively like what ever is current, and popular, (regardless of what it is) while negating everything else. Newfags are constantly dialed-in to webpages like YouTube Trending, Google Trending, and apps like Instagram and Snapchat, in order to stay in the loop of being bound by society's grip; the mandatory custom of a newfag. Ignorance and bliss.
Guy 01 (newfag): "Hey! Is that metal? What are you listening to?"
Guy 02 (normal): "I'm just listening to some old school Sepultura, man."
Guy 01 (newfag): *Hears word "old" in sentence* "Ew, fuck that old haggard shit. If you're gonna listen to metal; you HAVE to listen to something NEW!" *Mindlessly checks YouTube Trending Page...* "Like this! It's called... Slipknot - All Out Life"
Guy 02 punches Guy 01 deadass in the face, proceeding to move on with his life, while Guy 01's own music selection is blurting out lyrics like:
"Old DOES NOT mean Dead!
New DOES NOT mean Best!
No hard feelings, I'm tired of being right about everything I've said..."
by No Carnival No Games November 4, 2018
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Someone who is new to something, could be a website. Usually annoying and stupid enough to be called a new fag.
Person 1: .CT (kyle) is such a newfag.
Person 2: Yeah he just joined yesterday and is spamming and annoying people.
by Juked June 8, 2009
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Someone who shows up in a live stream and starts talking about something completely off topic they also treat everything like a christian minecraft server and get offended easily like a SJW some Newfags are SJWs
(a live Q&A)
Newfag: Are you christian
Streamer: Yes I'm Catholic

(A few moments later after the streamer swears)

Newfag: You're going to go to hell for swearing and the pope claims to be jesus and catholics are so opressive
Streamer and moderators: stop being a NewFag also this stream isn't about religion you NewFag this youtube channel isn't religious

Newfag: (Starts talking about religion and tells the streamer they're going to go to helll if they don't repent or change their opinion)

then the newfag gets blocked or leaves usualy
by FrenglishMan101 July 28, 2020
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