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A newcomer to 4chan. Hated by Anons everywhere. Usually this person consists of failure and tries too hard to fit in.
Newfag needs to GTFO of my 4chan, nao.
by Leslslsls August 04, 2007
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1: Someone who has been on /B/ before and still doesn't     write in full sentences.
2: Usually can't triforce.
3: Spams threads.
4: is in any other way unnecessarily annoying.
OMG NewFag.
no im not i can triforce
Wow, way to fail at something you said you can do.
▲ ▲
by Youarefunny October 20, 2009
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Pop culture's side-bitch. Newfags have no genuine taste of their own, therefore lacking an artistic perspective on ingenuity. As a result, newfags put their efforts into appeasing to one (or more) of the mainstream trends; which just fit the mold of the status quo at present time.

Being a newfag in literal context means to exclusively like what ever is current, and popular, (regardless of what it is) while negating everything else. Newfags are constantly dialed-in to webpages like YouTube Trending, Google Trending, and apps like Instagram and Snapchat, in order to stay in the loop of being bound by society's grip; the mandatory custom of a newfag. Ignorance and bliss.
Guy 01 (newfag): "Hey! Is that metal? What are you listening to?"
Guy 02 (normal): "I'm just listening to some old school Sepultura, man."
Guy 01 (newfag): *Hears word "old" in sentence* "Ew, fuck that old haggard shit. If you're gonna listen to metal; you HAVE to listen to something NEW!" *Mindlessly checks YouTube Trending Page...* "Like this! It's called... Slipknot - All Out Life"
Guy 02 punches Guy 01 deadass in the face, proceeding to move on with his life, while Guy 01's own music selection is blurting out lyrics like:
"Old DOES NOT mean Dead!
New DOES NOT mean Best!
No hard feelings, I'm tired of being right about everything I've said..."
by No Carnival No Games November 03, 2018
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A word used by no-life internet nerd elitists to describe somebody that has not gone into a subject as deeply as the internet nerd did (mostly because the normal person has a life), and the internet nerd acts like a jerk towards the normal person because the normal person (what the nerd calls a "newfag") got a single small detail about a subject wrong.
Between newfags and internet elitists, newfags are the lesser of the two shits because they don't revolve their lives around whats on the internet.
by Loyt October 21, 2011
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